Awful Products That Shouldn’t Exist

Awful Products That Shouldn’t Exist


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75 Responses

  1. Smiggie 123 says:

    So glad Hila has found more confidence over the years, she is such a queen

  2. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen he was #1 says:

    Something about the way Hila said, “Shittens” was really funny

  3. chris dd says:

    “where is it so cold that you’d need to cover your face with this.”
    A lot of frickin places Ethan, haha.

  4. Rosie J says:

    I love how confident Hila is, she seems so happy in herself.

  5. Chaos Gamer says:

    “I don’t think Infrared is dangerous”

    “You want more kids, right?”

    Me living in a house heated by infrared light: 😐

    • SkilledCheckmates says:

      Might be a good time to google the electromagnetic spectrum

    • Johan Abdullah Holm says:

      Yeah, anything that has heat produces infrared light.

    • Nomoturtle says:

      Sure, technically not dangerous, but it’s all about quantity. I doubt there is anything wrong with light with frequencies below UV, not enough energy to mess with chemistry. And yet we have regulations for intensity of waves produced by microwaves, phones, wireless devices etc. There could also be a mechanism by which waves affect us which we are yet unaware of. I’ll be selling a literal tinfoil hat suit shortly.

    • ser6Ijvolk says:

      Pretty sure he was thinking about ultraviolet.

    • Mikołaj Gawryluk says:

      Infrared lights hate your family?

  6. LKVideos says:

    1:04 Hila: “Sigh, let me dress you Ethan” – Caretaker confirmed.

  7. Chloe Cadarette says:

    The “comfort wipe” is actually a great product for medical patients! When I had scoliosis surgery and couldn’t twist my back, products like that really helped. And yes, I just admitted to wiping my ass with a stick on the internet.

    • SamS_01 says:

      For admitting to something so personal like that on the internet, I have nothing but a somewhat respect for you lol

    • Respectful Gamer says:

      That’s what I thought, but then they should’ve made it a little easier to push the “button”. Ethan is struggling.
      Not really ergonomic.

    • Cooper Janke says:

      @Respectful Gamer I think you’re supposed to hold the button down, put the toilet paper in, let go, and press it when done

    • wife2sp says:

      Cooper Janke Thank you! I think they needed to read the instructions a little more closely! Lol

  8. Jovis says:

    “You really want to be reminded of an animal when you’re eating a hot dog?” _vegans entered the chat_

  9. Drake Wilde says:

    Ethan: Where is it cold enough that you need to cover your face?

    Canadians, when their snot freezes walking to their car: Excuse me wtf

  10. marus says:

    ‘do you wanna be reminded of an animal when you eat a hot dog?’

    pretty sure ethan said HELL YEAH but cut it

  11. TJOAT! says:

    Just remember to NEVER get the face blanket in white

  12. T7 James says:

    1:00 its so nice to see that hila is still being Ethan’s carer, how thoughtful of her!

  13. nikko konners says:

    the face blanket part where he said: I look like a ninja or a…….person in a full berka. You know old ethan would have said terrorist lmao

  14. jordantiste says:

    “Another product in the world of wiping and then we can move on.”
    5 mins later: gLoW iN tHe DaRk ToIlEt PaPeR

  15. moke balls says:

    Ethan: I wonder what the point of underwear is?

    Have you ever worn pants without underwear? your balls just bounce from thigh to thigh it’s very uncomfortable

  16. Random Name says:

    He is only uploading here because he can’t leave his house to the podcast studio.

  17. DramakilzU says:

    Can’t do H3H3 Podcasts

    Ethan: Guess I’ll make content again

  18. kakashiroks says:

    Ethan: “sucks sucks sucks sucks…” looks at Hila expectantly

  19. JoeyBadDog says:

    “Is this for like, really big people?” *”Like you?”*

  20. Weird Al says:

    Two videos in one week

    Me: this couldn’t be

    Underpantshands: it is true my child

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