Ayesha Curry Dragged For Milly Rocking At Her Restaurant, Steph Curry Claps Back

Ayesha Curry Dragged For Milly Rocking At Her Restaurant, Steph Curry Claps Back

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95 Responses

  1. Shay91 says:

    Ayesha stays getting criticized. She can’t win. Let her live y’all.

  2. Chief W says:

    For real leave Ayesha Curry alone. She’s a successful black woman

    • Aniya Raine says:

      Shaheen yah You should STOP commenting as your comments are clearly incoherent. You must not be from the States lmao

    • Aniya Raine says:

      Mr. Bond Most successful black man in America???? LmBao loudly Does your arm hurt after that massive reach?

    • Aniya Raine says:

      Mike Carter Don’t group me with dumbass black bitches. I know my colors AND races and I KNOW Ayesha Fat Ass Ugly Curry ain’t Black.

    • Cyn 7 Cyn says:

      @salma ahmed no a simp is an acronym for someone inflating mediocre pussy. Simps come in all income brackets and colors.

      • White Bitch Killa says:

        Then that would make you “QUEEN OF ALL SIMPS’ and I’m sure the 300 dicks that ran up in that dry pussy before you was 35 would agree cyn7cyn. Worry about how to get rid of all those red bumps all over your pussy you nasty witch.

  3. Expert Excavating says:

    Why do people hate her? She’s a hard working pretty lady. So what? I don’t get catty females.

  4. Anthony Ellison says:

    At her 4th Restaurant Opening???? She’s clearly on another level from the trolls

  5. james moore says:

    She got 4 restaurants I would keep milly rocking

  6. PagingNurseRose says:

    She was dancing at HER restaurant?

  7. Xaviera U. says:

    Who cares about a hot girl summer…get a job ?

    • Chidi Okonmah says:

      @JoJo Salinas On some real, I think you are on to something! “Intelligence Challenge” or posting your grades challenge.
      I think you tube be erasing messege like this. Keep doing it, spread the positive word.

    • Sae Tae says:


    • Voodoo527 Voodoo527 says:

      @Jodeci Jodeci Not the tissue!! ?? Smh. Seriously though, you’re absolutely right. I only found out about hot girl summer yesterday when I watched something that popped up on YouTube. Breakfast club has been late lately. Youtubers give me the stories before rumor report. I just come to hear their take on it.

    • Jasmine Bell says:

      @Jodeci Jodeci ???

  8. Tony Da Realest says:

    Megan the Stallion has a trash team backing her up. ??‍♂️ They should be making merch, a song about “Hot girl Summer”, and branding the shit out of it since that tag gets massive attention.

  9. universe 86 says:

    most of the ppl draggin her cant afford a dinner roll at her restaurants so who cares what they think

  10. Teaira D says:

    Let me open up a restaurant, my Milly Rock will be as firm or loose as the lord grants that day and I will give not ONE f**k.


  11. Blu Bandit says:

    All I seen in the title was, opening new restaurant. She doing her thang

  12. Rodnye Theoc says:

    Now folks just messing with her for no damn reason.

  13. 876ME says:

    People who don’t and will never own a restaurant are criticizing her for something so small and meaningless. Some folks are really pathetic.

  14. Lori Elle says:

    Lately if Ayesha breathes someone has something to say about it. ? Can she just live.

  15. DanYiel Teflon says:

    Everyone is hating on her yet she’s doing what she wants to do without a care in the WORLD ?..

  16. World Hayes says:

    Only few nba players wives that Actually got careers, business and doing well without living off their husbands. Instead of popping out babies posting naked pictures on social media then divorcing the husband taking everything that they didn’t earn or work for on top of that child support . I salute her for bossing up…

    • salma ahmed says:

      @Truck and? That’s her husband. Nothing wrong with using his money as a start up.

    • Truck says:

      @ World Hayes Google’s your best friend clown. She was a struggling actress before she met Steph. I applaud her owning her own businesses, but don’t talk that ”without living off their husbands” shit. She wasn’t self made. So you can go back to painting your toenails homie.

    • Ave Mcree says:

      Marrying a nigga for money isn’t “Bossing up”.. That’s typical hoe shit..

    • Atur1985 says:

      If a mother has the luxury to be a stay at home mom, there is nothing wrong with that. If a mother wants to work, open a business, work from home etc there’s nothing wrong that either. Stop comparing. Every situation is different.

    • B Jay says:

      Ave Mcree lmao y’all so mad ! She was somebody before him wasn’t big but still she was out here trying. I’m sure she didn’t marry him for money . & if your husband can’t support you, lift you up & take care of you he’s not the one . Like steph said they gon keep milly rocking!

  17. 1taeok says:

    That’s how to protect your rib!?? Yes Steph Curry!??

  18. Antuan Turner says:

    Imagine hatin on somebody bein themselves??‍♂️ The world backwards asf I stg!

  19. Wyteria Wilson says:

    Why do people have so much to say about her? It’s so annoying.

  20. Shentel J. says:

    They really expected Ayesha to know what a Hot Girl Summer is this woman is married with three children..?

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