Ayesha & Steph Curry SLAM DUNK Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud

Ayesha & Steph Curry SLAM DUNK Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud

Wow! Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha destroys Fast Money! Can Steph get the rest of the points they need before the buzzer goes and win $25k for the Community Foundation Sonoma County? Watch Celebrity Family Feud all summer on ABC, SUNDAYS AT 8|7c, and stay tuned for To Tell The Truth starring Anthony Anderson at 10|9c!


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87 Responses

  1. Ice Gucci Person says:

    Steph Curry! My favorite NBA player???On my favorite team!?

  2. SupremeChaos918 says:

    3:49. I call bull crap on this!!

  3. I Am Too Lazy To Come Up With A Name says:

    My damn brain screamed ‘ALCOHOL’ as soon as Steve finished the first one.

  4. Philip Blank says:

    how did milk didnt get any answers?that was a pretty good answer lol

  5. Gunalan Ramachandran says:

    Steph curry is hot

  6. Psycho Tactics says:

    All the women in the Curry family are beautiful!

  7. Blacker Momba says:

    Celebrity Feud is a joke as they make them the easiest question possible.

    • Smash Adams says:

      If you watch the show for awhile you will notice the black contestants will get easier answers….part of this huge effort to sell the idea that all the races are just as smart. If they dont give blacks a crutch they would end up like that kid on Jeapordy that couldnt pronounce Achilles

    • Anthony Khoury says:

      because it goes to a charity so they want to make it a little easier

    • Smash Adams says:

      Charity is a scam, hardly any money gets to the people who need it after the “organizers” take a salary and rape the funds. This is widely known and accepted as fact.

    • charlesgamers says:

      It’s for charity u dumbass

    • Niecey Franklin says:

      Moaz it’s charity dummy

  8. YoogiNation says:

    CP3 stay taking L’s against Curry lol he must really hate the guy lowkey ?

  9. Mikey W says:

    Game winner on his number 30, what are the odds lol

  10. YOLO Poisonvinny says:

    Ayesha carried Steph !!

  11. PC705 says:

    CP fake smilin the whole game ?

  12. G Kus says:

    Every woman in stephs fam is bad as hell

  13. MarietteClare says:

    Steve said “Bitchfoot” at 1:35 and Ayesha’s reaction is great.

  14. Legs says:

    3:39 that look ❤️

  15. Nero says:

    *Damn, Chris Paul got two L’s by Steph.*

  16. ScarlettP says:

    Steph and Ayesha are Goals!!!

  17. ScarlettP says:

    Steph looking like a snack

  18. Charlize Baron says:

    “She had all the number ones except for 30.” Pretty sure her number one is #30

  19. ReMona Lavon says:

    Love Mrs. Ayesha ??

  20. fresh cash mir says:

    Man i tell ya ayesha is so THICC.

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