Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Dramatically Read More Bad Yelp Reviews

Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Dramatically Read More Bad Yelp Reviews

Aziz and Jimmy take turns reading real Yelp reviews and replies with a dramatic flourish.

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Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Dramatically Read More Bad Yelp Reviews

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20 Responses

  1. Brian Sierzega says:

    Best. Segment. Ever.

  2. Raindrop !! says:

    I’m LITERALLY watching parks and rec right now

  3. Tara M says:

    The last one… Aziz deserves an award for that ?

  4. Original Recipe says:

    3:46 WTF Jimmy was doing ?!!

  5. Shawn Souza says:


  6. Simon says:

    if Aziz had a radio show or podcast…. that would be epic.

  7. Ayaan Siddiqui says:

    5:20 I have never seen Jimmy be more human ?

  8. brieme33 says:

    damn, Aziz has the best comedic timing wowza

  9. Carol Chick says:

    Praise the people who wrote these yelp reviews?

  10. André Rennó says:

    People talk about Morgan Freeman
    People talk about Sean Connery

    little do they know that it is Aziz who owns the most recognizable voice in the world.
    you hear that high-pitch scream and just “fuckin’ Aziz, man!”

  11. Marcos Amparo says:

    I can’t wait for Master Of None 2 ?

  12. steve rogers says:


  13. Coffee Addict says:

    Do more of these videos with Aziz ansari.

  14. Erik Lerström says:

    Do you actually watch movies when you go to the dentist in america? Never heard of that. Seems… difficult? Like I would never be able to concentrate at all. Thought about listen to music but it seemed kinda rude.

  15. cycleforwardtime says:

    Sooooo Funny!

  16. Peppa Labaija says:

    I love reading Amazon reviews. I have to add Yelp!

  17. Santa Maria says:

    Aziz deserves an Oscar! I NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD

  18. Just Sayin says:

    Aziz voice sounds like when you suck in too much helium from a balloon

  19. Maria Β says:

    I can’t stop laughing with Aziz???

  20. john D says:

    Go back to India and teach your fellow countrymen to poo in loo.

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