Aziz Ansari Diversifies “The Late Show”

Aziz Ansari Diversifies “The Late Show”

When Aziz is sitting next to Stephen, 100% of the people on “The Late Show” are from South Carolina, and 50% are not white. That’s progress!

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20 Responses

  1. LadyHashZ says:

    I wish we could c the whole interview. That was genuinely funny !!!!

  2. Stelio Kontos says:

    It was a joke calm the hell down

  3. Tanya Kaur says:

    Ah, Aziz. You legend.

  4. 84chevypickup says:

    hahahah alotta white guys back there

  5. Papa Pimpy says:

    not only is aziz smart, he is also funny. master of none is great. hope for

  6. Soraya Aisse says:

    Aziz looks like he’s getting younger wtf

  7. Thomas Schmidt says:

    Says the guy that only dates white women

  8. Shontong Balentong says:


  9. Leto Atreides II says:

    You know that “I hope it’s a white guy” sounded more like the rest of the
    sentence would’ve been “because otherwise we would be in so much shit right
    now if we were to fire him”. Not to mention that Jon Batiste now counts as
    white because of Aziz Ansari

  10. Hole Recogniser says:



  11. chewface says:

    Welcome to 2015, where every conversation with a minority goes this way.

    “Hey dude, there are a lot of white people out there. Could you take a
    moment of your time to acknowledge your white privilege? Because if you
    don’t do it right here and now…I am going to think you are racist. Even
    though I’m going to think you’re racist no matter what you say or do

    har har har minorities can’t be racist.

  12. moiraine_damodred says:

    “An all-time high for CBS…”
    Stephen’s smirk screams that he so badly wants to join in on the fun

    but, job

  13. idriveorlando says:

    still playin race card in 2015 LOL

  14. PhantomAct says:

    Look we built the rail roads in this country, do you hear us bitching about
    diversity? Please go back to Pakistan, Aziz.

  15. trha2222 says:

    The only true diversity is FORCED diversity!

  16. 1mikon says:

    Ansari is a very talented actor.

  17. epicdeuce says:

    Could the anti white rhetoric be any mroe palpable? You can litterally
    taste the hatred of whites.

  18. ACE NIK says:

    If you watch Ben Shapiro, he addresses the supposed “race issue” in the
    workforce. He knocks the whole issue out the water. Check out his videos
    and learn for yourself. Debating in the comment sections is quite immature.

  19. jmassa007 says:

    Aziz your quick, but not as quick as Stephen Colbert. Stephen’s joke at the
    end was perfect.

  20. Kisai says:

    Yeah. Colbert got the job because he was white.

    FFS. Being brown this is embarassing.