Aziz Ansari Got a Car Stuck Between Two Buildings in Italy

Aziz Ansari Got a Car Stuck Between Two Buildings in Italy

Aziz Ansari reveals how his parents are adjusting to their fame after their Master of None debut and shows a clip from Season 2 that was based on a real-life disaster that happened to him in Italy.

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Aziz Ansari Got a Car Stuck Between Two Buildings in Italy

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20 Responses

  1. faboze says:

    Modena is the home of Ferrari cars lol

  2. Nina Potočnik says:

    modena is NOT a small town
    183.23 km2 and 184,732 people…
    in my country the capial city has 279.756 people and the second largest city has 95.589 people…

  3. IRÈNE Raharimalala says:

    Aziz he’s so nice a person and so funny ???

  4. Ellie Danni says:

    Wow I’m kinda early to this video haha

  5. DoubleACM says:

    I haven’t been this early since that time I was born 3 weeks premature.

  6. emililroy subbu says:

    I’m so early, Jimmy hasn’t started laughing yet.

  7. Conor Kennealy says:

    The two people who disliked haven’t seen parks and rec

  8. Bellicc says:

    Who else is googling for Aziz’s parents right now

  9. Serj says:

    5:55 typical American behaviour when they visit other countries

  10. Shreyash payasam says:

    Wait a minute! Aziz has 2 million Instagram followers not 4 million! 😐

  11. Firas Zacky says:

    Anyone checked his instagram follower? he lied lol

  12. HeMaNt says:

    whats up with Jimmys finger anyways ??? Is it like permanently broken ??

  13. Sahil Ummer says:

    aziz: hi

  14. Keeley Ross says:

    THAT IS NAHT TRUE that is naht true thatisnahtrue that is naaaaaaahhhhht true that is näht true THAT IS NAHT TRUE NO THAT IS naaawwwwhtttt true

  15. perfectegg says:

    I wonder if Jimmy Fallon warns his guests on the show, that he’s going to be talking to them like they are toddlers for 30 mins…?

  16. Lewisd95 says:

    if you haven’t watched Master of none it’s one of the funniest, well-made tv shows currently running get caught up before Friday!

  17. JamYang Dorjee says:

    That move to Italy sounds like the ultimate “Treat Yo-Self” day

  18. Qniba Khan says:

    Yet another one of those BS stories that everyone accepts at face value and doesn’t care about the truth.

  19. Floppy Bird says:

    his voice is like a bee trying to mate with another bee

  20. TutorialsHD says:

    Jimmy’s laugh is so fake, I thought it was made in China. XD

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