Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage say their parents are “trying to get money and scam” R. Kelly

Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage say their parents are “trying to get money and scam” R. Kelly

The two women who live with R. Kelly are defending him and their relationship with him. Azriel Clary, 21, and Joycelyn Savage, 23, told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King they love Kelly even though their families claim he has brainwashed them. The women said there is nothing inappropriate about their relationship with the 52-year-old.

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92 Responses

  1. Mzkelly Gurl says:

    Sounds like a episodes of “For my Man” they sound real dumb

  2. xChariots_ says:

    Gayle was really tryna save these hoes. Bless you, Gayle.

  3. yomama22 lala says:

    Damn I was just about to stick up for these women,but then I listened and definitely got brain washed vibes…. they’re young, beautiful, and strong black women…. this video is PROOF that R.Kelly has always been attracted to young girls…. I don’t think this video did any justice other than convict this man of what we already have been feeling is going on

  4. Applepie6 says:

    The fact that bird brain and Elmo was tryna catch an attitude, when she was simply asking questions speaks volumes. Also she kept making all these accusations against her parents without any proof and got defensive and angry when pressed. R Kelly can choke and so can these h*es. ✋

  5. Glodi B says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, prime example of Stockholm syndrome

  6. Kendle Andrea says:

    Gayle’s calm mood is the move all 2019 ?

    • Sun Mont says:

      That’s how Capricorn really flow. Smootg

    • K. O. says:


    • Silvia Barbosa says:

      She has class i love her!I wouldnt have the patience to interview these two low lifes!!!these two should go work!!!

    • Denise Hawkins says:

      Kendle Andrea well I date my daughter daddy I was 15 years old when I had her and he was older than me. these women love him your heart is a heart and live is love. leave these women alone.

    • BAD says:

      +Heather Smith she didnt do anything except ask questions and get out the way which is what you supposed to do. You know why you ask questions? to get answers. That’s common sense in talking to someone. You ask and let them say what they wanna say. You not suppose to have any emotion in the sense like you pick a side, you ask what you ask and get out the way…let them express themselves. He feels he is fighting for His Life so of course he is gonna be “rattled”…ask him things and get how he feels. Thats it…we’ve seen this before from journalists. Its their job. But yall acting like she really did something grand lol because most of yall cant contain yallselves and letting a person talk and say what they gotta say. Thats why it’s so amazing to yall as If she walked on water ??…this is simple journalism 101

  7. Aliena Coleman says:

    Azriel is working on my damn nerves. These girls are BRAINWASHED. They sound absolutely crazy!

    • Andre Farrar says:

      Aliena Coleman Why are they brainwashed? Because they’re not saying what you want them to say? Maybe you’ve been brainwashed by “Surviving R. Kelly.”

    • Mrs Ada Adom32 says:

      +Needmore Zen we dont know that cause hugh white so it’s no problem

    • Needmore Zen says:

      +ososweetluv sosohappy – I debated whether or not to reply again because I realize no matter what I say you will disagree. It’s a damn shame he will have so many still backing him up. I’m not a fan of HH and never agreed with his lifestyle but this is NOT about Hugh or Harvey. This is about R Kelly and the sh*t he’s done for years and somehow got away with it. The what aboutism is even in politics and it drives me nuts. Stay on topic. I don’t condone any behavior perpetrated by any of the men brought up throughout this page. They will all have their time in court and hopefully jail where they belong.

  8. K. O. says:

    Azriel needs to be slapped.

  9. Mei -mei says:

    This is just like the documentary “Hidden in plain sight On Netflix

  10. Stephie95 says:

    Okay i know this is kinda off topic (actually a lot off topic) but Jocelyn looks so bomb. And Azriel’s attitude sucks.

  11. Lily Beth says:

    So many people out there have threesomes and polyamory relationships and it’s OK…now why is it strange for R.Kelly?

    • Cheven Boddie says:

      Gale & others are trying to put him on trial for her religious beliefs & pretend it’s something else. The sex question was out of line !!
      They grown be grown
      No where In no 1 bible or religious text does it say a 50/60/70 year old man can’t date & marry any girl of legal age
      This is just example of people pushing their values on other people

    • Kavy ase says:

      +YaBoi Thumper Except their parents sold them and asked them to lie about their age so

    • clay clay says:

      +True Core its polygamy if they are married

    • JIN says:

      sugarbaby sugarhoneyiced-t Azrael, is that you?

  12. Inebriatd says:

    “Is this a 3-way sexual relationship…?”
    “First of all, I’m not here to talk about my personal life… ”
    She meant “YES”.

    • Maria Smith says:

      +DWilliams so you agree he ‘got away with it’ interesting way of putting it

    • Maria Smith says:

      +insomthegreat not right now, he’s fighting for his life after 30 years of songs ???

    • Maria Smith says:

      +GOD’S CHILD gods child…hmm interesting name. I wonder if God agrees with your train of thought

    • prancer1000 says:

      Just nasty!

    • DWilliams says:

      +Maria Smith R Kelly said but not in exact spelling … I been doing alot of inappropriate things in my past so why would i keep doing it after getting with it … Its like spanking a child and they will think about it before doing it again

  13. joaquinl929 says:

    This is gonna win the case for R Kelly….

    • Steven Scummy says:

      R Kelly gonna beat his case/s and have another decade of hits lmao

    • John Banks says:

      Steven Scummy Yeah he beat the last case with the sextape that showed him pissing in a 14 year old girls mouth. It’s real funny to you eh bro you must love it when rapists get away with it.

    • Sean Young says:

      You outta your damn mind.

    • Jasmine Valiente says:

      Lol you sound silly all this did was put the nail in the coffin and prove what everyone accuses him of is true. His hotheaded overly emotional shifts blame to everyone but himself and explosive when things dont go his way and hes brainwashes young girls from broken homes. Funny the girl said her dad lied about music comforting her and why she committed suicide yet she is documented telling the doctor exactly what the dad said was the cause and the recommended therapy treatment (music) in private.

    • regina williams says:

      ???? yeah right

  14. Telma Elma says:

    Ok, azriel seems to have the same acting teacher and screenwriter like kelly….same words, same tears….same bad acting ))

  15. DeeJay ReGg says:

    They both need a slap in the back of the head!!! COME BACK TO REALITY LADIES!!!

  16. parisss sky says:

    They rehearsed this right in the living room the night before ???????

  17. Alex Carter says:

    I give it six months before they will be “SINGING” a different tune for the cameras?????

  18. American Paisa says:

    These women are adults and are able to make their own decisions regarding their way of life. These women like many other chose to be with R. Kelly. They knew what they were getting into, they liked it and they stayed. Let them be.

    • Cheven Boddie says:

      Yep! I said same thing
      Gale & others are trying to put them & him on trial for violating her value system.
      Can’t do that, & to get deeper not one religious text in earth is against any 2 men or women of any legal age gape from dating.
      So no matter how gale spins it
      She’s out of line for any question pertaining to their current age & sexual relationship with their bf
      None of her or our business

    • Jasmine Valiente says:

      Stockholm syndrome doesnt have an age limit.

    • Jasmine Valiente says:

      +Cheven Boddie this isnt about polygamy this is about a man who exclusively dates very young women and teens specifically from broken homes or with weak minds so that he can mold and manipulate them. This isnt a polyamorous relationship this is a cult.

    • Amarachukwu Onwuemene says:

      Yes yes and yes. Since they want to bask in delusion, I don’t see the point in bothering with them. When reality his they’re going to feel hella stupid

    • Cheven Boddie says:

      Jasmine Valiente could be or could not be Stockholm I don’t know & these girls can also be victims of having their parents try to sell them into sex traffic for $ the idea that gale refuses to believe 2 girls who are saying they were victims of attempting being sold for money.
      My issues with this is gale automatically dismissed the idea that the parents are lying they could be they could not be but to dismiss it is wrong of gale

  19. S D says:

    So when is Gayle going to interview Oprah’s buddy, Harvey Weinstein?

  20. Kendle Andrea says:

    Azriel really putting on!! I guess she’ll get an extra slice of bread before being sent back to the basement tonight ???

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