AZZYLAND – MONEY (Official Music Video) feat. BIG NEM

AZZYLAND – MONEY (Official Music Video) feat. BIG NEM

AZZYLAND – MONEY (Official Music Video) feat. BIG NEM
Song available here:


Just B Salon –

BSide Beauty –

Viktor Mitich

Platinum Cars –

Chris & Tina

Janie Stevens

Sam Heather

Lo Wolkowski –
Aury Barnett –
Yasmin Karssing –
Thomas Cox –

Co-Directors/Producers Nora Stankovic & Big Nem –

DoP Jason Han –

1st AC Andrew Gerhold –

Gaffer Ryan Saltzb

Grip Dylan Young

HMU Artist Alan Jiefan Law

PA Sarah Barnes –

PA Muzna R.

PA Aleksa Miloradovic

BTS Photographer Nikola Miloradovic -

BTS Videographers Rui Hu –

BTS Videographer Kevin Park –


Edz Gyamfi, Chris Duarte, Saskia, Ashlyn

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69 Responses

  1. AzzyLand says:

    Back to normal Azzy tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed it though! It was a fun experience taking on a different character, made me feel like a real actor/rapper for the day. ? LETS GET NEM TO 10K SUBS, this wouldn’t be possible without him :

  2. Ryan 101 says:

    What did I just watch…?

  3. Noa Ahrak says:

    2:19 never seen you like that but beautiful❤️

  4. Anima Vestra says:

    Im a azzy fan but does anyone else think this is bad song.

  5. Ugandan Knuckle says:

    Now this video was definitely made by Assyland and not Azzyland.

  6. kyg. kyd says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I like for the thumbnail and so did you

  7. xDreamyMoonlight says:

    Azzy who? ?

  8. xDreamyMoonlight says:

    Besides the auto-tune.. (Which you dont even need?)

    You were made for this?

  9. TeamKat ForLife says:

    Im disappointed Azzy. I wish you put more clothes on.

  10. Sejal Gajjar says:

    Nice. It’s pretty catchy . Where’s the sweet azzy tho?

  11. Cherciu Rares says:

    It doesn’t suit you . You are cute and should stay that way !

  12. young devil says:

    What does jordy thinks about this

  13. FeaR says:

    *kwebbelkop left the chat*

  14. Andaleen Fatima says:

    Azzy wut happened… ???

  15. Cool kids 500 says:

    Azzy you’re one of my favorite YouTubers but that’s not you

  16. Omar Lifestyle says:

    I wasn’t expecting this…

    But I still support Azzy❤️

  17. B*tches Broken Hearts says:

    *Auto tune has entered the chat*

  18. yall are_ ded0_o says:

    Are u sure its not big nem ft azzy?

  19. Azii Reflect says:

    Wow just wow…

    the thumbnail though

  20. Landa French says:

    Who else is scrolling threw the comments because I am

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