Baby #2!

Baby #2!



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  1. Landon McBroom says:

    I seriously don’t thank you guys enough and Im sorry for that. For the people who truly support my daughter and I, I cannot express enough how much you guys mean to me. I owe you guys the world! Thanks for watching!

    • Rachel Masters says:

      What happened to that give away ? Maybe I’m late . But did I win .. hahhha kidding .anyways thank you being you .

    • Jenna Houston says:

      Hey did you ever announce the MacBook winner?

    • Renee Olvera says:

      Landon you are a one of a kind daddy,your love for Soul is amazing,your fun your funny and most of all you have all the love in the world….your a good man….

    • Amazing Melanin says:

      Just keep being authentic & positive Landon. you’re naturally funny & loving. just be yourself it’s refreshing ❤️

  2. Oneaka Ell says:

    I pray that you and your daughter relationship will grow stronger every day.

  3. Melina Estrada says:

    It’s been 5 years since me and the father of my kids split and I’m yet not ready for another baby . Take your time to fully heal ❤️ I’m happy soul is getting love by both parents as it should always be !

  4. Stacey Leonard says:

    Cuteness overload 😍 miss seeing Souline, love how she brings out your inner child. My sister and I are half siblings, we have different dad’s. However we was never characterized as half siblings or step siblings, we was raised as sisters even now she’s 43 and I’m 46. ALOT of parents stay with each other bc of their child or children but realize the kids can sense the unhappiness. I honestly think it’s selfish for parents to stay together just bc they have kids together. Be safe and have a wonderful week love you guys God Bless 💕💙

  5. eilidh_ inlove says:

    It’s great to see you boxing and staying healthy especially after all you went through last year with the cancer! You look so much stronger! 🙏🏾

  6. Anita Zamora says:

    Landon my daughter has half siblings but we don’t look at them like that they are her brother and sister no half’s . We never mention that part . Love is love you will love them all the same . Especially if you find the right partner that loves Soul as her own . She will have a family one day🥰

  7. trippy.stephh 💕 says:

    honestly I totally agree with you Landon like we always think of wanting something one way but things never go as planned but as long as both are happy and are succeding in there own life , Soul is the luckiest to have you both and see the love you guys got for her .. I wish u the ebst today and always❤️

  8. GRenee says:

    Start with not calling them half siblings. They are whole and no different. You’re going to make a beautiful blended family in the future when you’re ready. Many blessings to you and Soul.

  9. ChristineJ says:

    Souline’s laugh is so infectious😂😂
    She’s so adorable 😊
    No matter what that little girl is definitely loved and it shows ❤️

  10. Rahmeyah Johnson says:

    she speaks full blown sentences omg that is literally just mind blowing God bless her & you❤️

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