Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar – range brothers (Official Audio)

Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar – range brothers (Official Audio)

Official audio for “range brothers” by Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar

Listen & Download ‘the melodic blue’ out now:

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51 Responses

  1. TJ Hall says:

    Who gave him permission to drop this heat? 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Unofficial Les Twins says:

    I love the white voice KDot lmaoooo

  3. Yung Bruh says:

    I’d pay to hear kendrick make a 3 minute track with him only saying “Top of the mornin” the whole time

  4. anon03030605 says:

    Kendrick doing his own version of Future’s “ladidadida” moment and killing it

  5. That1Dewd says:

    Baby Keem is his own person and compliments Kendrick well. He holds his own weight. Every time I hear him on a new track I realize his potential is infinite.

    • KID VAMP says:

      @Sage Reef I mean he has potential it’s just that he is kinda wack

    • erik robinson says:

      @UCQo4u48fNW6PaGyi95ANXcQ Jesus Christ I cant stand your type of people that shit on anything that isnt old hip hop. Nas is literally making music with the new school including A$AP, Fivio Foreign, Hit-Boy. the new school of rappers arent as lyrically focused and thats okay because it’s a new era thats forming new thoughts and production styles and movements. Lil Baby had a track about the BLM protests last year, Tyler, The Creator has made intimate and personal songs about his sexuality and the problems that has arised from his existence. JPEGMAFIA has a snarky and polarizing even offensive on purpose take on music that is witty and different. stop acting like the old school and new school can’t coexist as different forms of rap because shits still hiphop

    • ThaBlackVanillaIce says:

      My FLAVA the next wave

    • DrewDrew x Abnormal says:

      Facts.. peep my music fam🙏🔥

    • Cardi B says:

      @Yun Sachi they sound nothing alike, ur such an idiot 😂😂 Keem is his own person, get off his meat

  6. Deazy says:

    I feel like the “Top 5” hearts stopped for a second when Kendrick said “Let’s get this shit,” only to be trolled hard AF 😂🤣

  7. Slick Lloyd says:

    Kendrick is a smart business man he’s using his cousin to build his own music empire. By only making music with his cousin gets his cousin popping and also start his career as a music mogul

  8. Dam says:

    I like how baby keem doesn’t sound pressured by kendrick and doing hes own thing

  9. Geron Fletcher says:

    This album is sooo nice. They’re having real fun and their vocal stunts are so nice to listen to. They’re trying new fun things

  10. coreytbay says:

    Kenneth Lamar needs to come out more, brother

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