Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar – The Hillbillies

Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar – The Hillbillies

“The Hillbillies” Produced by EVILGIANE

Directed by Neal Farmer / pgLang

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47 Responses

  1. matt ostler says:

    It’s great to see Kendrick vibing, creating for fun. After all that healing, it seems like Kendrick doesn’t have heavy matters weighing on his mind for the first time, and he’s reaping the benefits.

  2. B.I.A says:

    Songs so fire and the lyrics are so simplistic but the flows are so crazy and creative that’s what makes this song so dope seeing Kendrick just vibing love it

  3. Polde Mlakar says:

    We need this on streaming services ASAP.

  4. NoirGlow says:

    This whole song/video is a VIBE. You can tell they both having fun. Love to see them doing their thing. The pocket was crazy too

  5. kg says:

    so proud of evil giane, dude deserves this. true talent

  6. Degenerocity says:

    This new JPEGMAFIA song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Spacial says:

    i love seeing Kendrick have fun while rapping, baby keem really brought it out of him 🙏🏾

  8. Pierce Posts says:

    Kendrick and Keem really bring the ‘linking up with your favourite cousin at the family event’ vibes 🤣😭🔥🔥

  9. Juan Buena says:

    Love the Tyler cameo. It seems Baby Keem has put more purpose in Kendrick’s approach to his art. These guys are on there way to or already at legendary status.

    • thruheart says:

      it’s because Kendrick is going to perform on his concert

    • Nick Fullen-Collins says:

      I wouldn’t use the word “purpose” I think Kendrick music has always had purpose but I would say Keem has allowed Dot be more “playful” & “entertaining” he brought out Dot. Sense of humor and personality which we haven’t seen in a while.

    • Higher Thinking Music says:

      I would dare to say Keem is doing the opposite for Kendrick. Kendrick has always been extremely purposeful with his art, I think Keem is helping to expose a side of Kendrick where – it’s not necessarily less “purposeful” – but it’s less serious & more spontaneous/playful. The intent has shifted.

    • goombaCoin says:

      @Higher Thinking Music real

    • goombaCoin says:

      @Nick Fullen-Collins real

  10. Eric Witt says:

    A mixtape like this would go crazy

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