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39 Responses

  1. Jam N Mac says:

    Glad y’all were able to enjoy him to yourselves for a while! 💙 he’s BEAUTIFUL 🥺 and his name is PERFECT 🤩

  2. Elsy Guevara says:

    💙my second whittle baby💙

  3. Irina Flores says:

    It is impossible to over feed a baby. Your baby will eat until they’re full. You’re doing great, mama🤍

  4. Bell G says:

    Omg. 🙄 I hate when Dr.’s make parents feel like shit when it comes to their babies weight. if he’s not constantly puking or spitting up then he’s fine! he’s just a big boy. let him drink his 4oz in peace.

    • Kristina Arcos says:

      Totally agree!

    • Jaden Mata says:

      Same! To say the baby is going to be obese later in life really?! 🙄

    • N Til says:

      True but wouldn’t say “not to listen” to Drs. Drs give advice to new parents not to comfort feed, meaning feeding baby just to comfort them even when they’re not hungry(tired, dirty diaper, fussy,gassy, hot, bored,etc). And comfort eating does indeed lead to obesity!! Ask any overweight teens/adults, it’s due to comfort eating. You’re going to get lots of advice now that you’re a mommy, I learned to take it, leave it or research it. Drs are experts but you know your baby best😵‍💫

    • Miss Marissa Castaneda says:

      Exactly like it’s 4 oz lol not 12 or something🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 dr’s can be so terrible to parents


    At first I was like , awwww hell nah, they did not name the baby “Nelged” 😂😂 and then I she said “unscramble” and was like okay will smith! I see you !

  6. Zayla Vasquez says:

    may we call him Benito Chiquito ? Lol he’s adorable 🥺

  7. Rashaye Manzano says:

    Not me believing Benny when he said baby’s name was really santiago 😬🤣

  8. Itseddy. says:

    Damn Benny jr is gonna have hella fun with big benny when he’s older

  9. Candice Dominguez says:

    We named my son after my husband and then gave him a middle name that he would go by. We called him his middle name until he went to school and he himself asked to be called by his first name. Lol so now we hardly say his middle name. Mainly bc he wants to be just like his dad. 🥰

  10. MAREETV says:

    It’s crazy how you & queen niaja have the same type of story kind of & both the babies are named Legend 🥰

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