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Here is our baby name reveal, thanks for watching!
Love Channon Rose & Travis

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47 Responses

  1. Corrine & Matt says:

    I thought it was going to be star 😋 lovely name x x x x

  2. Miss Chloe Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful! I have a snowflake tattooed on my wrist with 16 points. This signified that I am one of 16 siblings and was frozen for two years as I am donor conceieved. So this video really hit home for me ❤

  3. Éimhear & Aoife-Rose says:

    Cool. Love it. Constance hall has a daughter called snow also. So cute xo

  4. Bass_Bunny801 says:

    At first I was like hmm, that’s interesting I have never heard of someone named Snow, but when you guys gave the meaning behind it, I almost teared up because there is nothing more special than a name with meaning and a story behind it. I love it, its so beautiful and special. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS. Ps this was such a cute way to announce it!!!!!!!

  5. Shakara Quapaw says:

    Okay wait! That is probably one of THE CUTEST names i’ve ever heard. Snow Rose, we all are so ready to meet you. 💞

  6. Thatsthe T says:

    Literally started crying when the name was shown 😭

  7. ErinCaliforniaa says:

    Incredibly beautiful. So unique but also so classic. I love it!

  8. The Oubre Life Chronicles says:

    That was one of my guess!! Lol. I love the name! My mom had a cat named snow and she was a beautiful white and gray cat with bright blue eyes. Your daughter will be just as beautiful , obviously more so lol

  9. Owen The Devil says:

    Why did I wait 9 months for the name snow

  10. Jess Reese says:

    I LOVE SNOW!!!! I wss getting concerned it was Ski.. lol.

  11. Valaeth Artist says:

    I thought her name was Pumpkin Patch for a second 😂 I LOVE IT! Snow baby is the cutest thing ever 💕 congrats

  12. Ruthy 1981 says:

    My daughter is Called neve and that means snow ❤️🇬🇧🐶

  13. Penny says:

    These videos gets me so emotional and excited 😭😭😍😍

  14. Tonya LaVigne says:

    My children’s last name is Snow! Their father past away and I remarried. But I always tell my Sons. My Snowmen make my heart melt! I Think Snow is a Beautiful name!

  15. keryn aikman says:

    ❄️❄️❄️I LOVE LOVE LOVE this name….stunning, unique and truly beautiful. Especially as from the very beginning u referred to her as ur “snowbaby”….it makes sense. The world will get used to it. After all, when Kim K and Kanye named “North” everyone thought they were insane. NOW however everyone loves it. I for on think SNOW is beautiful and she will be a stand out as I doubt there will be 5 other Snow’s in her class 🤩. Will u be sharing her middle name(s)….it does she just have the one name? Chan I hope ur feeling a bit better. Sending u all the healing vibes and love that I can. Snow is so very lucky to be blessed by with you both as parents.

  16. tessa floeser says:

    I’m crying so hard, I’m so happy for you guys I just had a miscarriage and I lost all faith then rewatching your journey made me realize it’s not the end and I’ll get my baby😭 you’re going to be the best parents❤️

  17. Anastasia says:

    I’m also pregnant, due date is also October 21, having a little girl, and she’s called Winter ❄️ Awesome hehe! Love from Australia 💕🙏

  18. DazzlingChick says:

    💋Channon, Trav and Snow, The most precious, perfect name! With all my heart this is wonderful. Blessings. Love and Light 💖Carli

  19. perls cabe says:

    I can’t believe it i’m actually pregnant with twin girls and their names are adora and snow

  20. Katlyn Villa says:


    ok i probably wasn’t the first one to comment it, and/or guess her name, but i literally commented saying “the first word i created with all the clues so far, was Snow, and if that’s the babies’s thee CUTEST NAME EVER”
    and also i started to see people commenting Snow, so i was honestly sold on the name already like two months ago, and you guys didn’t even leak the name yet 😂

    omg ok im SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!! aahhhh!
    Channon you are SO CLOSE to baby Snow being born and you experiencing Motherhood for the first time!!
    im so excited and anxious to see you as a mom, you’ve seriously waited SO LONG for this and spent so much time and money on this little angel, and for her to be just a few weeks away has me SO excited, and just sooo happy!
    your vlogs fill me with pure joy and happiness everyday just knowing you are FINALLY GOING TO BE A MOMMY!!


    love you guys so much!

    sorry for my freak out LOL i’m just tooo excited for you guys 😂

    love y’all! cannot wait for Baby Snow to come out into the world already!


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