Baby Pluto

Baby Pluto

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Baby Pluto · Lil Uzi Vert

Eternal Atake

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73 Responses

  1. Dennis says:

    We waited 2 years.
    I think we are all allowed to give ourselfs a pat on the back for being such loyal fans.

  2. Streqks says:

    Bro I’m literally in class vibing all I see in my notis is “Ea Dropped” but I forgot my headphones

  3. vowl says:

    Uzi drops new album

    playboi carti: its time

  4. vowl says:

    dis album is so fire I forced my teacher to play it in class
    the computer overheated.

    Nah but for real I got a detention for screaming

  5. Furi says:

    When you listen to the album the second time it really gets much better

  6. Inqorp says:

    Let’s just take a moment of silence to those who didn’t make it to listen to the long awaited album..🔥

  7. Dealer says:

    Imagine not bringing your headphones to listen in class today 😭🔥

  8. Lavar Ball Burner says:

    We can officially say we here before tiktoks ruins the entire album.

  9. Deshun Halmon says:

    moment of silence for people who forgot to bring their headphones to school today

  10. wyd Dayze says:

    Uzi: whole lotta red…
    Carti Fans: 😃
    Uzi: … rubies on my neck
    Carti Fans: 😤

  11. 123ohmy Eren says:


    Me: *Aight Imma Head Out*

  12. Pp man says:

    Use this comment as a “I was here before Tik Tok” button

  13. Julia- Porn STARS GO MY PROF!LE says:

    We can officially say we here before tiktoks ruins the entire album.

  14. YUNGTORU says:

    this gonna be the back to the future 4 intro theme

  15. Thatboi-Nate says:

    Me:yells out uzi’s album dropped during class.
    Classmates: fr
    Teacher: who’s uzi?

  16. SamiGod da Narwhale says:

    imagine using headphones when you could just play this on your speaker at school.

  17. Harambe Jr. says:

    It’s kinda sad to think that there were people who were waiting on this to drop 2 years ago, and have since *passed away.* 😢

  18. Hitlers Trap says:

    Uzi: “you should have trusted me, girl, you got off lucky”

    Me: *hmm maybe she didn’t die after all*

  19. Mxtro says:

    For everyone whos reading this im praying that u succeed and achieve all ur goals 🙏 my goals to hit 20k subs

  20. Trii Clan says:


    Uzi: Gonna randomly release the album out of no where

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