Baby Seewald Announcement

Baby Seewald Announcement

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20 Responses

  1. Aly Mosier says:

    Look at the ☀️ side, they could’ve not told us his name.

  2. Elizabeth Schomburg says:

    I love the meaning behind his names! Congratulations Jessa and Ben. He is
    so precious!

  3. Awilda O'NEILL says:

    Desde Puerto Rico les felicitamos por ese hermoso BEBÉ Dios se lo guarde
    siempre bella familia?

  4. Skyler Graham says:

    Cute baby but the name…? Really?

  5. Carlie Cunningham says:

    The way that they look at each other?

  6. Carlie Cunningham says:

    I think the name has so much meaning behind it. Stop hating y’all

  7. Kelli Alkire says:

    How sweet! What a big baby boy! Welcome to the world Spurgeon Elliot

  8. Lisa Mills says:

    Congratulations! He is beautiful, and you are blessed!

  9. Beautygirl 101 says:

    Okay ugh the name

  10. danielle king says:

    Ahh he is so cute congratulations Jess and Ben !!! May God continue to
    bless you guys

  11. Ivy Harris says:

    wow that’s a strange name…

  12. Cassandra Lowe says:

    Wonder how much they got from TLC for announcing it on their youtube page?
    Pretty sad. Beautiful baby and I pray his parents raise him right, out of
    the limelight and public!

  13. Linsey saylor says:

    i wonder how much money they got paid by someone to name their child. I am
    sure the name pick went to the highest bidder. Hmmm…

  14. Marie C says:

    A kid in grade school had a brother named Spurgeon Crosby. He was
    well-liked and popular. I think it’s a cool name. Would I name my kid that?
    Probably not… But the operative words there are MY KID. It’s THEIR kid,
    guys n gals.

  15. Katherine Carter says:

    Love the name, totally unique and precious. Congratulations to you both,
    wishing Mom and Baby happiness and good health!

  16. Andrea B says:

    I have a son with the middle name Elliott. :-)

  17. Amy Harris says:

    Poor kid, that is a stupid name

  18. David Williams says:

    Charles Spurgeon is our favorite preacher of the past, we read his devotion
    book every day. Wonderful name and these young people are special to name
    their son after a great man of God. Anyone that is a Christian knows the
    name of Charles Spurgeon.

  19. Carrie Grime says:

    I don’t like that name – Quincy is better.

  20. Amber Bingisser says:

    Spurgeon…that poor kid.