Baby’s First Bacon

Baby’s First Bacon

My son, Easton, tried bacon for the first time Christmas morning and his reaction was priceless!

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19 Responses

  1. 3kingkool says:

    My sentiments exactly.

  2. clokwize5311 says:

    Jim Gaffigan as an infant.

  3. Joseph Connolly says:

    You see, as adults this is, unfortunately, not socially acceptable.
    However, this is exactly what goes through our heads every time we take a
    bite of BAAACOOON!!!

  4. Rodolfo Silva says:

    Desde de pequeno induzem a criança a comer alimentos gordurosos que fazem
    mal para a saúde. E ainda acham engraçado!?

  5. Hopeofmen says:

    An important milestone, to be sure.

  6. Andrew Kaylor says:

    BA DA!!!!!!

  7. Ignacio Carrasco says:

    First fat

  8. Thanh Ho says:

    “I watched this 17 times!”…

  9. Carolyn Downey says:

    So awesome! I’ve watched this multiple times. Your video is going viral on
    CNN and it is so worth it! We need stuff like this to go viral and make us
    all happy. Thanks for sharing!

  10. mikemfd232 says:

    good parenting, clog up his arteries before he can even walk. genius.

  11. DeOriginalDavid says:

    Someone show this video to a vegan.

  12. Wanda Darby says:

    Awe how cute I love it

  13. MrMagic785 says:

    Leaked video of Ron Swanson at age 3

  14. C. Escalante says:

    you’re so intelligent

  15. C. Escalante says:

    shut the hell up idiot

  16. C. Escalante says:

    shut the hell up coward

  17. Junque Male says:

    Let the memes and parodies begin!!!! Just precious!

  18. Tracy T says:

    This is too cute!

  19. C. Escalante says:

    it has dislikes because you’re to smart and better than everyone else who
    isn’t like you. so what the kid like bacon and people like the video. live
    and let live.