Back Blackhead Extraction Session #2 in “Mrs Gold”-Addressing the Inflamed One

Back Blackhead Extraction Session #2 in “Mrs Gold”-Addressing the Inflamed One

Here’s the link to her first session:

Here’s the link to Mr Gold’s treatment which took place directly before this one:

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20 Responses

  1. Katy Bogg says:

    what is she injecting? local anaesthetic or fancy juice to help the gunk
    slide out easier?

  2. German for nine says:

    Been here since 43000!

  3. Ultipandazimo says:

    Her husband is like me lol I just can’t help myself when it comes to

  4. Squishy Kitten says:

    came here from tanning, wtf

  5. Sarah ibarra aguilar says:

    como se llama lo que estudio?

  6. Yvonne Wilkinson says:

    My heart missed a beat when I saw the picture

  7. Luz the gymnast says:

    Congrats you have reached 1,000,000 subscribers ??????

  8. Dollar Sundaes says:


  9. Abigail Gonzalez says:

    yay Dr. Sandra Lee on 1 MILLION! keep the videos coming missy! :)

  10. Tonya F. says:

    Aww it ended Sooner than I thought, Dr. ?

  11. Renee McDaniel says:

    gotta say I was disappointed after the wait for this one. dang you Mr. Gold
    for squeezing it beforehand and depriving us of the good extraction!

  12. romans8910 says:

    I am sorry but this TO ME is a very painful extraction and hard to watch.
    The amount of numbing sticks looks like she will be in real pain when it
    wears off. The extraction gave me the way
    wiggins cuz it looked like he was digging and scraping with the very small
    end to china.i was disappointed with the video like many others making
    comments. Again this is my opinion so please do not bite my head off..!!

  13. Amy Hedayati says:

    I’ve just discovered a baby pilar cyst on my scalp!! Damn being in the UK

  14. Aubrey Calonzo says:

    I thought we’ve already unlocked the Curette weapon?lol Or is it a bad idea
    to use curette on blackheads?

  15. Giovanni Dimarzio says:

    Not good job

  16. Humvee201 says:

    yay 1 million

  17. Claudia Santos says:

    Wow! 1 million poppaholics! There’s a lot of us out in the world! LOL!
    Congrats, Dr Lee!

  18. MemoLovesDocMartens says:

    Hi Dr Lee, I was just curious if requested by the patient (and only for
    none invasive extractions) would you do such a procedure without
    anesthetic? I myself am petrified of injections which has lead to my
    curiosity on the subject ?

  19. Burnt Glory says:

    YESSS finally!

  20. Gaston Uriel says:

    one million of poppers