Back To School Life Hacks

Back To School Life Hacks

Life Hacks for going back to school 2016. DIY how to make a Rainbow highlighter pen, fix your backpack zip, and a pencil life hack! DIY Stress Ball –

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20 Responses

  1. Eccu says:

    Legends say that DaveHax never replies…

  2. DaveHax says:

    What would be your favorite lesson on the timetable?

  3. Guillermina Marin says:

    1:44 “¿Pretty cool huh?” Best part of the video ??????

  4. Quel est ce pays? says:

    Pretty school, huh?

    I know it’s not funny.

  5. Malak Nadeem says:

    Amazing and very helpful as usual ??

  6. O ZOIO do ZOIO É LENTE says:

    vai tomar no cu Dave

  7. EdoDave Daniel says:

    1:25 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. WWE ASSES says:

    im the 2000 viewer

  9. zayn riasat says:

    most schools bans phone

  10. Daniel Vázquez Antón says:

    i love the timetable, if only my timetable was like that. (sorry if

  11. EternaL18 says:

    I wonder how my classmates would react if I pull out 2 tea bags out of my
    sport shoes at gym…

  12. Gracie Vlogs says:

    What if you don’t have a phone and you can’t do the first life hack?

  13. Netaro says:

    School started 2 weeks ago but whatever.

    *EDIT: You raging sociopaths need to stop. I just implied that **my**
    school started 2 weeks ago. You don’t have to insult me and tell me to kill

  14. Fiddlesticksmeow says:

    These life hack videos are amazing, and you present them well!

  15. Gaming with Coco says:

    It’s not the timetable problems it’s just I CANT FIND MY CLASS THE SCHOOL
    IS HUGE!

  16. sn0w says:

    More like a rasta highlighter than a rainbow highlighter

  17. Michael Bautista says:

    what is snakes and ladders

  18. Jesse Thompson says:

    you are a fag if you do any of this

  19. NIRMAL KRISHNA says:

    You’re great

  20. abhaykrish plays says:

    mine is pe and lego