Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015

Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015

Back to the Future, updated for the actual future!

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20 Responses

  1. Robert Lovely says:

    Because we totally knew how to treat people before, with all the genocides
    and brutal Wars in our history.

  2. Mark Samek says:

    I’m trying to force myself to crack a smile.

  3. meowmere says:

    You know, a lot can happen in seven days ;)

  4. Goce Kostovski says:

    USA fucked us up….

  5. Fungorrr says:

    “Aw geez Rick!”

  6. Nate M. says:

    I wonder what the creators of Back to the Future would think if they saw
    this in 1985.

  7. endorbr says:

    Blah blah blah… humanity has digressed socially and technology is causing
    people not to interact and we’re destroying the environment now more than
    ever…. blah blah blah. And also none of that is actually true so it makes
    this just not funny.

  8. Raphi Seth says:

    thats so true

  9. Siddesh Gannu says:

    Nike has to invent self tying shoes

  10. FancyAvengers says:


  11. Chris McWilliams says:

    Yeah, their vision of 2015 was way better.

  12. Golden Duck says:

    I waited for something funny to happen 

  13. Rifqi Al Fariz says:

    you lost me when Marty said “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!” LMAOOOOO.

  14. Billy Brinkley says:

    Oh my god, it’s not that bad. why do people have to exaggerate everything.

  15. TheTylerJW says:

    It’s funny but it’s so true at the same time. The accuracy was definitely

  16. Nite Achilles says:

    Too soon.

  17. Steven Huxley says:

    Fuck baseball and print media. Good riddance.

  18. UmbrusTheUnholy says:

    Aw jeez Rick

  19. MrHousecup says:

    No! Please continue!

  20. The FNAF Critic says:

    Um… College Humor! You just had to wait 7 more days!