Backrooms – Found Footage #2

Backrooms – Found Footage #2

VA – Madison

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  1. OperatorDrewski says:

    Seriously, some of the best horror I’ve seen before. You can see every single drop of effort.

  2. Ferroequinology says:

    The idea of monsters chasing people around has never really appealed to me. However, I totally love the theme of reality distorting and glitching around you, and this video did that well. The car smashed into the wall at speed, and seemed to “break” the room directly behind, causing spiky shards of something or other to randomly fill the space. I wonder if the general state of disrepair throughout the video was caused by the car crash, or was the cause of the car entering (signaling degradation of space time itself and eminent problems with our universe if the threshold is not shut down). Could be both.

    • Evan Simon says:


    • Sounds Channel says:

      it didn’t appeal to you because you’ve been watching fools who want to just make it a horror movie, dane seems to have more lore to it

    • Spoden says:

      For me, it’s not so much the being chased by a monster that gets me. It’s a combination between the fact that whatever the creature is, it used to be human; and the creature’s very presence in a place as desolate as the backrooms. Even worse, the cries coming from the creature sound very human, but highly distorted. Is it still the original person’s voice, or is it the monster trying to mimic human sound?

    • digital Art Channel says:

      The thing us be a person didn’t u see the hand print

  3. TaraTera says:

    Your entire series on the Backrooms has to be some of the best modern horror media created. Every angle and movement looks amazing and I’m looking forward to every single video

  4. PIGEOT says:

    this is the first piece of content that ive been actually scared by. Ive been jumpscared a million times, ive been unsettled by many things, including the other backrooms videos on this channel, but this was like scary. it also could be that i have been on edge for a few days due to some reasons i wont get into but still.

  5. Dr.Pristine says:

    The ending was a lot better for this one it actually seems like a reasonable mistake anybody could make. Instead of the first found footage where he could’ve escaped i liked how this character did what they could but it took one small mistake to get them killed. It feels way more natural. Kane Pixels keep up the good work man it’s definitely worth it man. I cant wait to see more of what you have to offer for your interpretation of the backrooms. It’s very unique compared to everyone else. We love you man !!!!!!

    • Sahar says:

      The first one was realistic as well. The guy didn’t die because of not escaping (which I’m not sure if would’ve been able to) but because he took too much time of thinking sliding down that narrow pathway (probably fear and anxiety kicking in his brain).

    • piranias says:

      the first one was better in almost everything. and there the character did not “escape”, there he was grabbed by a monster, and only the camera fell. which is much more witty than here. this one is simplified and just replaced with the gender of the character. I don’t see much point.

    • Ikelos says:

      Bro it’s a girl it ain’t hard to tell

    • Creative edited videos says:
      Here is the full video that explains what happened,…

  6. Mat Salleh TV says:

    I can only echo what everyone else is saying in that you are a genius creating a masterpiece. This is honestly one of the best pieces of work ever created on YouTube. It is so engaging, exciting and just brilliant.

    I am sure you have an amazing career ahead of you. Thank you for your time and effort in making this.

  7. HashBrown says:

    I am wondering how this tape was “found.” How did someone find this tape and escape with it back to the real world from a bacteria nest without dying? Did the tape glitch through the floor when the cameraman dropped the camera? How did footage of the backrooms end up on someone’s TV?

    • Sahar says:

      Well some researchers have navigated around the Backrooms and successfully made it back to the real world using a portal gate (as seen in Kane’s previous videos). One of them could’ve found this tape while conducting a survey around this new area. That’s just a guess.

    • AlessGr says:

      @BikoFactory She literally just became a bacteria nest nothing else thats the grebe thing from the end

    • Hol Horse says:

      the researchers found it, they’re gonna be the reason for all of these tapes being found

    • landsknecht5729 says:

      async probably found it

    • BikoFactory says:

      No idea yet, although the first found footage video clearly showed the camera travelled back to the real world after the person holding it was caught by the creature. Two options in that video: 1. He dropped it in a shaft, and maybe that shaft was a special spot that somehow linked back to our reality; 2.The creature did something to the cameraman (killing, eating, something else), and doing that returned the cameraman’s belongings to the real world.

      If it was case 2, then maybe the lady ended up getting caught by the creature and the same thing happened – her belonging came back to our world.

      If it’s case1, then maybe it’s related to that green light at the end? To me, it seems to be something alien even to The Complex. By that I mean, it seems like some external force is doing that TO The Complex, and it’s not something that naturally occurs in the complex, unlike the weird molds and the monsters. It’s a complete shot in the dark, but my guess is that Async actually found a way to “retrieve” missing people, using similar technology was shown in the Prototype video. They somehow found out that this lady went missing in a noclip zone and are saving her, or testing a device that might save her.

  8. Jomahz_Jenkins says:

    We are witnessing a horror prodigy/director come into his own, I cannot wait to see what your future holds Kane.

  9. Jeremy Galles says:

    Damn Son, this was off the chain! You are so freakin talented, and so is your crew. I LOVE this series, and the girl in this video was AMAZING! Keep it coming, because you and your crew are producing content far superior to anything on Netflix and Amazon.

  10. DatOneNoahBoi says:

    most animations for backrooms are ok, but kane pixels’ backrooms videos are off the charts it is so detailed and realistic this is probably what made kids believe the backrooms was real. good work mate you deserve an award for this series i honestly cant tell if this is animated like bro you are a master at this

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