Backstage @ 2014 VS Fashion Show | Karlie Kloss

Backstage @ 2014 VS Fashion Show | Karlie Kloss

a movie by Karlie Kloss
produced by Casey Neistat | edit by Tim Kellner
associate producers Annalora von Pentz + Ruby Honerkamp

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20 Responses

  1. Nadeshda Ney says:

    Karlie simply cannot look ugly at any angle or time of day. She’s so

  2. Desiree Silver says:

    Your amazing!! And so sweet!!! Love seeing behind the scenes!!!??

  3. CIRA COST says:

    A fitness & heath tips and advice video would be great <3 :)

  4. Darling Hernandez says:


  5. Sina Valaei says:

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  6. Amy Tan says:

    So excited about your videos and your channel. New subscriber and a big
    fan. Also, way to go on filming, looks awesome.

  7. Desireelovely says:

    yay so happy your channel has launched!!!! yay im the 10,000 like!

  8. Jonathan Ocab says:

    That’s weird that they wanded you for a private charter flight. Did they do
    that because it was international?

  9. Alexia people says:

    So coool and so gooood! Love it! 

  10. heyitserica says:


  11. xLing93 says:

    That intro though ;’D

  12. Ana swift says:

    Catwalk lol ????

  13. Indra Vargas says:

    I’m loving the little illustrated intros. They’re cute.

  14. johnjohn 99 says:

    can’t wait to see more your video

  15. SARA P says:

    Hahaha just saw the description its 2014 was at Tottenham Court Road that
    day …. 

  16. Martina Serlenga says:

    I just love this new way to see your life.
    Karlie is my idol and I’m so curious to see all the behind the scenes…

  17. Smile with Mel says:

    So cool to see this through your eyes Karlie thank you for sharing!! :)

  18. Lavinia Raspelli says:

    She has literally NO upper lip!!!

  19. Ziqi Zhang says:


  20. Laura Chaffee / TypicalDayBeauty says:

    I love how you used Landon Austin’s music in the background! 🙂 Love his