Backstreet Boys – No Place (Official Video)

Backstreet Boys – No Place (Official Video)

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I’ve been to Paris
Made my way down to Rome
Seen the sun setting on the beach
In Mexico

But I could care less
‘Cause I was all alone
And there ain’t no way to touch your body
Over the phone

I’ve been all around the world
Done all there is to do
But you’ll always be the home
I want to come home to
You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you

You’re my daybreak
You’re my California sun
You’re my Memphis, New York, New Orleans
All rolled into one

In the city, the country
The mountains or the sea
Wherever you are baby
That’s where I want to be

I’ve been all around the world
Done all there is to do
But you’ll always be the home
I want to come home to
You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you

No sight ever left me breathless
The way you take my breath away
No scene ever left me speechless
But right now I’ve got no words to say

I’ve been all around the world
Done all there is to do
But you’ll always be the home
I want to come home to
You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you
No, there ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you

Brett James, Joshua Miller, Troy Verges

Song Producer:
Steve Solomon

“No Place” Official Video
Editor: Andrew Putschoegl
Producers: Sam Houston, Andrew Straw

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49 Responses

  1. Decisions - Choose your interactive stories says:

    Another masterpiece from the greatest Boy Band of all time

  2. Michelle Styles Maslow says:

    me encantó esta canción, esta super bella, y yo digo que esta es la mejor banda de todas, porque a pesar de que tienen familia, siguen unidos y eso me encanta ♥ muchas otras bandas se separan por distintas razones, la mayoria después de haber estado juntos mucho tiempo y porque quieren hacer proyectos como solistas y para dedicarles tiempo a sus familiares. En cambio BSB noo, ellos siguen juntos, siguen con sus conciertos, ahora van a hacer una gira, y siguen teniendo tiempo para su familia, y ahora incluso sacaron un vídeo con ellos, que precioso, esto es divino.
    Los amo BackstreetBoys ♥♥♥♥♥ Quiero que vengan a Colombia por favoooor

    • karen cala says:

      Concuerdo contigo así y gracias a esas mujeres q sostienen a nuestros chicos !! Amor por los backstreet boys !! 2019 y muchos años más !!

    • Maryory Balanta Arenas says:

      Siii que vengan a COLOMBIA PLEASE!!…BELLOS!!..Cuando eran jovenes dedicaron la cancion The Perfect Fan a sus madres, ahora ya casados hoy lanzan esta nueva cancion No Place para sus respectivas familias!!?????.. de seguro que por allá en los #90’s nosotras viendolos así, nos infartariamos cierto?? ??? los amaré siempre!!…Lo maravilloso de todo es que durante 25 años ellos permanecen juntos y nosotras tambien!! #Familia #Amistad #Memorias #Los90’s #FansClubLargerThanLife #CaliColombia #Millenium #DNA #KevyKev ❤

    • Mira Coli says:

      Son maravillosos.

  3. Annie Cimon says:

    wow i have goosebumps all over. what an amazing song you guys. To include your family in a this is incredible. i am almost in tears it was so good. 🙂 I mean, talk about an amazing memory to look back on when the kids get older and see that. they will want to watch that video over and over again. Something to definitely be proud of.

  4. explosive diarrhea says:

    Backstreet boys needs to win that Grammy next month

  5. Nikhila Chandran says:

    Here comes my First Fav song of 2019..??.. #NoPlace song by evergreen legendary Backstreet Boys???… They really really are a true timeless wonder.. ????..
    What a brilliant heart touching concept n soulful tribute to their loved ones..Such a happy sight to see each family of #BSB guys..☺☺Truly epic soulful song.. After hell lots of time getting addicted to a #BSB song like old times..??..#BSBNoPlace

  6. Michel corint kempel oficial says:

    Backstreet Boys are the last major intercontinental phenomena, Millennium’s 40 millionth best-selling album, probably the penultimate also Black and BLUE 30 million, the only boyband to win a country award and have a hit in the country … are references. No one will ever sell what Millennium sold in just one week

  7. Babyrlynne Arca says:

    Aww.. This is the sweetest music and video they’ve ever done.. Made me teary eyed.. So much has happened and I stil love BackStreet Boys.. Forever a BackStreet baby here.. I always tell people I got my singing voice from BSB aside from my parents.. ♥ Please continue making good and classic music BackStreet Boys.. Brian will always be my first love and first heart break, hahaha.. Love you guys!! Someday I’ll see you in concert.. Unfortunately without our papa because he passed away just months ago because of stage 4 cancer.. :'( He loved your music as well because we loved them too.. This song suddenly made me remember papa.. He’s a great dad just like you guys.. 🙁 I missed him.. I don’t want to cry here haha.. More power to BSB and please be healthy always.. Love you guys!! ♥

  8. Janis the review Girl says:

    I’ve watched it 3 times so far and it makes me tear up each time. Just seeing them so personal and seeing the love of their families and everything and then thinking of my own husband and son it is just gorgeous and I am so proud of them and proud of what they have achieved musically and personally. So happy they have all found love and the miracle of children it’s just a great video and beautiful son. Love the country music vibe as well!! Well done BSB!!!!!!

  9. lynn anne says:

    Sooo sweet and beautiful I cried!!!!

  10. Zoey says:

    This song needs to be the first video trending right now!!!!!

  11. demilson coutinho says:

    Cara sou brasileiro , curto esses caras desde da minha adolescência , da mt orgulho de ver como eles estão bem e felizes com suas famílias de 1996 a 2019 sou fã e vou ser até morrer kkk BSB ever.

  12. The Secret History says:

    2:41 sharing a marshmallow with your dog ???

  13. Mimay M. says:

    Lyric was like “Again, again”….. Definitely my mood for this song

  14. Kristina Bronzova says:

    This is SO much better than those ‘songs’ with drops and lyrics that don’t make sense.

    100% talent
    0% nudity

  15. ZILTON HARLEY says:

    Muito lindo, gostei muito, minha banda da vida toda , BSB. Para sempre Backstree boys.
    Família sempre em primeiro lugar !!

  16. Kristina Bronzova says:

    Most of current musicians better be taking notes ?

  17. Lars Honeytoast says:

    BSB got me hittin’ that dadgum Replay Button again…. !

  18. Karen Vlogs says:

    Who’s here before 1M? ??‍♀️

  19. Lana Hudson says:

    This needs to be a hit.. it’s a beautiful amazing song… sending lots of love from England…

  20. Sucessos Latinos TV says:

    Oh My God Backstreet Boys with Backstreet Babys so precious!! I´m like Ava “Again”, “Again”.

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