Backward Hippo

Backward Hippo

It is my favorite thing. #OPPIH

Footage: shutterstock, envato elements, videoblocks

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44 Responses

  1. Ultimate Animal Showdown says:

    You’ve been trapped inside your house for too long haven’t you

  2. Alphamew17 says:

    I’m waiting for a “True Facts about zefrank1” where he does a self-narrated documentary about his daily activites and making videos, all in the style of his typical vids

    – Here we see zefrank1 sitting at his computer, working on- wait, no, bad, you can’t be doing that in the workplace frank, close that. Sorry.

  3. Jordan Hickey says:

    Everyone’s so offended he broke character at the end 😂 I love it, I was already laughing but that made me laugh harder

  4. JoshJenrayAK47 says:

    You can just HEAR him trying his DAMNEDEST not to laugh at “intense negative pressure”

  5. Hykalith says:

    can someone photoshop googly eyes on there? I think we need some googly eyes :’D

  6. Dina C says:

    The whole world turned into a meme during quarantine

  7. MoNisa W. says:

    We just look at an hippo ass for almost 2 minutes. Let that just sinking for a minute.

  8. Jai says:

    I love how hard he’s trying not to laugh

  9. Gable Drofginnoh says:

    This walks the fine line of “terrible” and “I need more of it.”

  10. Ben Perry says:

    The last one as actually a tnahpele. Can’t pull the wool over my eyes

  11. Kevin Sudweeks says:

    This is the most disturbing thing I’ve enjoyed in my entire life.

  12. Lincyna says:

    Backward Hippos are infamous for their sprinkler ability.

  13. folleyboy16 says:

    “To protect its identity, I’ve blurred its face,”

    • TOP CAT says:

      funniest thing just happened, i heard him say that too… its almost like we were watching the same vid… how cool is that huhhh

  14. Buddy says:

    zefrank, do a “Human test in quarantine”

  15. KofuKuu says:

    He make hilarious jokes using intellectual scientific term words and my brain can’t handle it but i still laugh

  16. Vehxx - says:

    ZeFrank is handling his time in quarantine very well.

  17. Rasta Fari says:

    Fascinating creatures. Never heard about them until now.

  18. kurt tolledo says:

    imagine morgan freeman making a documentary
    and you hear him laughing

  19. Nicholas Winston_31 says:

    “Here we see a Mother Oppai”


  20. Jim Harvie says:

    The ending reveal for kids, the “I can’t do it” while trying not to laugh at blurring his face to protect privacy, Ze just gets better and better.

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