Backwards Running Competition (Video Reversed)

Backwards Running Competition (Video Reversed)

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This is what you get when you reverse the video of a backwards running competition. Neat.

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20 Responses

  1. Scott Anderson says:

    tip toeing in my jordanssss

  2. lucas chamberlain says:

    Why don’t they just wear a helmet with side mirrors?

  3. dan bay says:

    I like the video, it’s interesting. But I have to leave a dislike for the
    absolute absurdity of a ‘backwards running’ competition. fucking white
    people ( I am white)

  4. Jesus Mendoza says:

    Why is the guy at 0:52 walking backwards?

  5. NamNam says:

    Genius. Simple but brilliant and hilarious idea. Thank you !

  6. IceCrossFire says:

    Looks like they have to go pee, but they’re being chased by cute little

  7. tart green says:

    Only white people would do this.

  8. TrashFACTORY says:

    speed up the video to 1.5 for better results

  9. PostWarKids says:

    This is so fucking weird

  10. Luther Blissett says:

    I don’t see anybody running backwards.

  11. Stines Crimes says:

    Was the audio also flipped? It’s hard to tell!

  12. Henry Drake says:

    What kind of losers have a backwards running competition?
    What kind of loser takes a video of said event and reverses it?
    What kind of loser takes time out of his day to watch said video four
    times, laugh and comment?

  13. Justin Durr says:

    Looks like they’re all racing to the bathroom

  14. Avian Edits says:

    rename video to “Special People Race” and nobody will see a difference

  15. Andrea Bonezzi says:

    0:48 those old ladies are going backwards! :O

  16. dailymirror says:

    Hi, this video is really clever! great concept 🙂
    Would we be ok to put a version in our own video player? It will be to run
    alongside an article about it. Please message us on our Youtube channel

  17. WP Labs says:

    —ing genius!

  18. Terry McCaskey says:

    It makes them look like they are paranoid runners, always looking over
    their shoulders! LOL

  19. James Wood says:

    Where was this filmed?

  20. Kwality Kontrol says:

    It’s like they’re carefully running down a really steep hill.