Backyard Brawl: West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Pittsburgh Panthers | Full Game Highlights

Backyard Brawl: West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Pittsburgh Panthers | Full Game Highlights

Check out highlights from 2022 Backyard Brawl between the West Virginia Mountaineers and the Pittsburgh Panthers. Pitt takes home the W as QB Kedon Slovis throws for 308 YDS.

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35 Responses

  1. Mitchell Golston says:

    Wow not a fan of either team but that is what a rivalry game is about. Them teams played hard from start to end great game absolutely awesome.

  2. alex gaviglia says:

    This should be week 1 forEVER! I would love if more rivalries did this. WEEK 1, due or die FOR THE SEASON! No draft picks sitting out for the draft! Love seeing rivalries in august/early September!

  3. Brandon Dimick says:

    Games like this remind us why football is the best sport

  4. ccth22 says:

    Great seeing this game played with passion. That’s way it was growing up with both teams recording from hardcore industrial northeastern cities. Of course I realize some of those places like my native North Jersey no longer have the same talent pipeline. But it’s great to see these proud programs play games with top 20 rankings on the line again…

  5. ARIZJOE says:

    Heck of a game. Hard hittin’. It was USC versus USC quarterbacks. Funny how that worked out. Pitt made the plays in the 4th. I give the Panthers credit for playing very hard, and not giving up in the face of real adversity.

  6. j karas says:

    This game actually broke the record for attendance at any Pittsburgh sporting event with 70,622 attendees. I’ve never seen such a great crowd at a Pitt game in my life. A really special experience!

    • silver three says:

      @Nicholas Wopperer You should definitely go to at least one, it is worth it for the park, especially at night. Just buy the cheapest tickets you can find, and you can move and sit pretty much any where you want. As long as you don’t try to sneak into the “home plate club”

    • John Doe says:

      @silver three Yep that’s right. Until then, it’s ham bbq’s and pierogis n’ at for the Bucco’s game…Oh and youns gotta pump an Iron or two as well lol

    • Nicholas Wopperer says:

      @silver three such a shame. My kid just started at Pitt. I’ve heard pnc is one of the nicest parks in mlb. Would love to see a few games there

    • PA_Sportsman says:

      I was one of them H2P!

    • Nicholas Wopperer says:

      @Steve J. I was watching SVP after the game and Narduzzi, Pitt’s coach, twice called out espn for that. ESPN has turned into woke trash lately, doing what they think they are “supposed to do” instead of what people actually care about. Not a surprise since they are owned by disney. But wow, what a great game!

  7. Benito Salazar #ElToroLoco says:

    It’s crazy because the guy who had the pick 6 “MJ Devonshire” is a Pittsburgh High school legend from Aliquippa where Darrelle Revis, Ty Law, Mike Ditka, Jonathan Baldwin are from. He chose Kentucky on National signing day then came back home for his sophomore year! People in Pittsburgh always say if Pitt could keep the kids from this area home they would be a national power..Aaron Donald, Terrelle Pryor, Miles Sanders, Tyler Boyd, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Jason Taylor are all Pittsburgh guys.. they have to find a way to keep the 4 and 5 star kids.. great win for Pitt!

    • Purpose Passion and Love TV says:

      Yes that’s tough. Like when we lost Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley to Georgia in the same graduated class. Chris Leak to Florida, Muhammad Macaque also left N.C. for bigger championship contenders.

    • Benito Salazar #ElToroLoco says:

      @Kid 4rom Africa agree 100%

    • Kid 4rom Africa says:

      I think games like this will hopefully keep the high rated player local. Keep winnin Pitt

  8. ZC717 says:

    If this is a sign of things to come, this revival of the Backyard Brawl is going to be epic and there is still three more meetings. I am happy Pitt came out on top, but wow what a game and even after 11 years, the emotion was still there.

    • Ryan Clair says:

      They gotta find a way to make it a yearly game no matter what

    • jmac24611 says:

      as a WVU fan it was tough to lose this one but an electric game nonetheless. This is college football at its best…not that WVU vs Kansas State or Rutgers vs UCLA conference realignment BS. Classic rivalries like this need to happen every year..shame on whoever made the decision to not have these teams play each other for the last 11 years

    • alex gaviglia says:

      H2P thank god it’s back and we back in the W column!!!

  9. Justin Ford says:

    the call and camera work on the pick six was amazing – what an electrifying game

  10. Bradley Harris says:

    That man said “The 1st time in 11 years that Pitt has the ball.”

    • Alliejen12345 says:

      11 years of defensive football…. Not a Pitt fan but I’m happy their fans finally got to see them play offense… Pretty amazing that last years QB made it to the NFL without ever taking a snap!!!

    • George C says:

      He was reading their required lines while live play was going, and switched half way through his sentence

    • Robbie Eitel says:

      I was looking for this comment 🤣

    • J Ghotier says:

      They were full of great lines, insight (by Riddick) and calls all night 🔥

      I liked when he noticed what was taking place in that game early and it was around the start of the 2nd quarter, he said…”This game has just turned into an energy drink”

      Everything about the game, the way the players played, the crowd, the announcers, etc. was pretty magical stuff 👏

    • Lil Lagahnavich says:

      He either said the phrase “Backyard Brawl” or “First time in 11 years” in like the first 10 clips of this too….it could have been a drinking game 😂😂
      Awesome football matchup to get the season started

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