Backyard Squirrelympics 3.0- The Summer Games

Backyard Squirrelympics 3.0- The Summer Games

I gave up on trying to battle my squirrels… but what if they battled each other? Acorns helps you save and invest for your future. Ready to grow your oak? Sign up today at

Special thanks to my two favorite Jimmy’s (Kimmel and MrBeast) for announcing the Sumner games.

Also thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:
(list coming soon)

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27 Responses

  1. Mark Rober says:

    I think we might need a Fat Tail spinoff series…

  2. Melt says:

    Mark has to be able to somehow speak to these squirrels

  3. Verlisify says:

    I love that this series continues

  4. Vivek Tiwari says:

    It’s crazy how this is like 10 times more entertaining that the real Olympics

  5. •CATK• says:

    I love how Mark made back stories for all the squirrel’s

  6. Skywatcher24 says:

    Yeah, there aint no way youre getting away with ‘third and FINAL’ we need anual versions of this please! 😀

  7. ajusy says:

    This dude made a whole film about some squirrels in his backyard, Marks creativity just keeps surprising me

    • Nigel James says:

      @Justin Alias Well, wasn’t the video just a humorous dig at the Russians generally, not a specific individual ? I think you are making this a little more than it is…. It’s a joke !

    • Justin Alias says:

      @Nigel James the athletes do what they’re told, same as the soldiers, it’s important to recognize people as individuals rather than as the group we see them as a part of

  8. seakingglory says:

    It’s bitter-sweet watching the third part to this. My cat Faye who passed away from leukimia 4 months ago used to love watching the first two parts she was so inquisitive about the squirrels running around on the TV. In her last few days with us I put both parts on for her and although she was too weak to do much she would still poke her head up to watch fat Gus and the crew. She would have had a ball watching this part so thank you Mark for providing content not only for myself but for my dear Faye. Keep up the amazing work <3

  9. Deja says:

    The amount of time this must have taken to collect this footage… You always amaze me with these squirrel games.

  10. Talley ho says:

    I love squirrels. My family had tons of them when I grew up. My dad would rescue the babies when their trees were chopped down and the parents wouldn’t return or if they started a fire/got picked up on a call (my dad was a fire captain). They’re so cute, cool, and cooky!

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