Bacon Snack Taste Test

Bacon Snack Taste Test

Who doesn’t love bacon?! We’re stuffing our faces with bacon-flavored snacks to find the next best thing!  GMM #1477

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57 Responses

  1. RedBeard says:

    Creed likes to sprout mung beans in his desk

  2. Jay_Marson says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t try Frazzles! They’re the best bacon snack ever!!!

  3. Bradley says:


    Rhett and Link: *mInE*

  4. CuBe BOSS says:

    I bought the 20 dollar tier for the mythical society and don’t plan on using the 20% off code, so if you plan on buying something from the store add my discord and i’ll see if I can give it to ya. CuBe#2808

    • Shaira Star says:

      CuBe BOSS that’s nice of you! I’m still butt hurt over the whole paying into it thing. Yes I understand why but I’m still weirdly upset by it. That was very nice of you to offer!

    • KMR R says:

      What’s a discord

    • CuBe BOSS says:

      KMR R it’s a Skype-like platform where people can talk on and such. I’d suggest it, it’s “the new thing” and everyone uses it. Contact me if/when you get it and we’ll see about the code

    • CuBe BOSS says:

      Shaira Star yeah I know how you feel, I honestly bought it to view the “hours of footage” they had but there was a mere 5 or 6 videos going from 3-7 minutes long and honestly felt ripped off, was hoping to see all this cool behind the scene stuff but was let down by the result. At least i’ll get the chalice and pin though, looking forward to that.

  5. Cam says:

    Rub some bacon on it?
    That song still bops.

  6. spookster says:

    I hear those mung beans smell like death

  7. Paige Beeding says:

    Colleen is quaking

  8. SATURDAZED says:

    I guess very few of these were meat-forward.

  9. Captain Cluster says:

    Frazzles in the UK are a very popular snack (little maize bacon strip shapes) and taste pretty damn great.

  10. RhettyforFun says:

    Amazing how a dog treat that humans don’t east tastes more like bacon than mung beans.

  11. Patricia Berryman says:

    It think you guys should do controversial foods. Like ice in cereal, orange juice instead of milk with cereal, sugar in spaghetti, ketchup on eggs, etc.

    • Chromberries シ Yee says:

      but… ketchup on eggs is normal. and some people add some sugar to their spaghetti sauce to make it less acidic. pineapple on pizza is controversial but… do they really need to try it? or is it just and overused joke? also salt on watermelon is normal, and I’ve seen quite a few people put ranch on their pizza. this comment is too long sry ?

    • Chromberries シ Yee says:

      ruby TM yes! get some pancakes, sausage/bacon, and eggs on your plate, and cover them in syrup! :^D

    • Dhruvi Patel says:

      In India we eat spaghetti and sugar with melted butter (boiled i think the butter is melted until boiles)

    • Monsieur Bleu Pen says:

      Ketchup on eggs? Ever hear of an omelet?

    • Alfie Spafford says:

      sugar in spaghetti is not controversial it’s correct.

  12. seidimeow says:

    A new series, *SUPER SNACK FLAVOR MATCH?*

    this is history in the bacon

  13. Matt & Jed says:

    I think we’re ready for another “will it cereal?”

  14. Study Break says:

    5:25 Link searching for someone to laugh at his underappreciated joke

  15. Molly O'Farrell says:

    You guys should do a leftover food taste test to see what type of food is best leftover. Like Mexican food, Chinese food, meatloaf, ect.

  16. Holly Shively says:

    I saw the thumbnail and thought OMG their going to be eating dog treats!????

  17. Shaela404 says:

    When I lived in the Midwest, a family friend would make popcorn with bacon grease. Not good for your heart, but good for your soul.

  18. Marys World says:

    “Perfect crispy bacon”… link picks a strip up… *flop*

  19. Christi Thornburg says:

    *For everyone complaining about the Mythical Society plug:*
    1. It’s barely 30 seconds long and it JUST became a thing. Obviously they’re gonna promote for it a few days.
    2. It’s no different than other YouTubers plugging their personal merch every day, and this is something lots of people will enjoy.
    3. If you don’t like it, just skip it. A small mention of another service they offer will not kill you.

  20. 01GTB Daily says:

    Vegans and vegetarians really love meat. Otherwise they wouldn’t keep inventing food that looks , tastes and feels like meat.

    Hotdogs , cheese , hamburgers , bacon strips , tofurkey .

    • Jaime Reynolds says:

      I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years because I actually don’t like meat. I hate the taste and the texture. I don’t eat anything that is like it either lol

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