Bad little brother part 3

Bad little brother part 3


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51 Responses

  1. NellyVidz says:

    Y’all think Lil Nelly got game? Lol who wanna see a part 4? Don’t forget to stay and watch those bloopers ??

  2. Madison Sheffield says:

    I love you so much man ???

  3. Thomas Dez says:

    Already know it’s gonna be ?

  4. Homer Torrance says:

    Nelly your the goat bringing comedy to another level ???

  5. itszana says:

    I love your vids man. They crack me up

  6. Creeper says:

    *Raw footage of Nellyvidz screaming after huge creeper explosion (summer of 2019, Colorized)*

  7. NTL Toxic says:

    USE ME AS A “ I LOVE cornnel” BUTTON??

    ??SMALL YOUTUBER here ?

  8. Robin James says:

    23 views 124 likes am I blind or is YouTube high

  9. aldaplacid says:

    Don’t lie who watching this while reading comments?????
    I know most of you will ignore this but
    I started youtube a while ago any Support willl be appreciated?

  10. My Dick Long says:

    I love how i got the noti and it always say it got 1k views

  11. Chris Hall says:

    Damn Lil Nelly can’t even spit game ?? big sister hating

  12. JJ Salami says:

    He can’t probably say his name,He probably says Corwell ?

  13. Zahnaya Robinson says:

    “I’m Just A Tid Dang”!!!!??

  14. Alan Nunez says:

    I wonder how it would be like to get a heart from nelly

  15. Gerald Walls jr says:

    Paigon got them legs omfg these blooper and curd are Life I love all 3 chemistry

  16. Prince Omitz says:

    *I’m just A Tid! Dang!*

  17. True Black Knight says:

    I got to respect Little Man game he almost got the kiss though all he wanted needed was 8 more seconds but low-key the minute that she would have said okay after I was told her that lie it would took 1in a half seconds to kiss her????????

  18. KillerCam360 says:

    Bibg Sis: I aint yo mama ill cone in there
    Nelly: get folded*

    Me: Dying of laughter

  19. audraius says:

    I don’t need tv when this man and his crew is keeping me glued to my phone!

  20. D F says:

    “You the only one in this family with a whole speech impediment” ?

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