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00:00 – Thank You/Update
04:22 – FUN PART


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*These may not be accurate because it’s a mix of different videos, best to check original video for correct names*

Clu (Red):
Grouse (Yellow):
Jello (Turquoise):
DigitalVagrant (Also usually Turquoise):
Badda (Burgundy):
Heavenly (Light Pink):
Skullker (Dark Pink):
Mickey (Purple):
Geuce (Green):
Pasta (Blue):
Bing (Flesh Color):
Eekaj (Orange):


Outro song:

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29 Responses

  1. Benjamin Roderick says:

    Badger is like the most unexpected wholesome person. We appreciate you my man

  2. AŚCE says:

    Badger is the absolute goat, made my worst depression days into the best dying of laughter days, take care badger

  3. Lethal says:

    I love how badger is so successful, yet doesn’t have an editor shows how great of a person badger is. He hand makes all of this greatness for us. Love you badger and keep up the great work

  4. Mythison says:

    I had a friend who only talked in niche anime, video game and Badger video references and that’s what all of us knew him for. He passed away last august and we still all send your videos into the discord and comment on how much Nate would of loved it dude. Thanks for a being a good dude and being able to make everyone laugh dude.

  5. Krucjata says:

    i love the opening part where he looks back and talks about plans and how it went , makes him even more likeable.

    • TEXT M.E ON TE.LEGRAM@Official_SpencerScott says:

      Merry Christmas! 🎄 Message me right away I’ve something for you 🎁🎊✅.

  6. RandomCrapStudios says:

    This should just be every video he made this year.

    It’s all the best.

  7. Roykaiii says:

    Just ❤ it when Badgur says “it’s Badgin time.” And Badge all over us🥰

  8. Crysis guy says:

    I can’t wait to see how he can improve on this amazing year

  9. SlendyMawn says:

    The only way i can see him getting that mocap into sfm is by literally stuffing every animation into the model and importing it that way.

    That is some serious dedication.

  10. bradley yildiz says:

    The first four minutes were simply the best. We love having someone as dedicated and genuine as you and your friends in our life’s. Keep up the GREAT work

    • TEXT M.E ON TE.LEGRAM@Official_SpencerScott says:

      Merry Christmas! 🎄 Message me right away I’ve something for you 🎁🎊✅

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