Bailey Zimmerman – Where It Ends (Lyric Video)

Bailey Zimmerman – Where It Ends (Lyric Video)

Bailey Zimmerman – Where It Ends (Lyric Video)

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Warner Music Nashville / Elektra Music Group breakout country artist Bailey Zimmerman is following an explosive trajectory after an unexpected, whirlwind rise. In just one year since releasing his viral sensation “Never Comin’ Home,” the first song he’d ever written or performed, the rising singer/songwriter has already earned more than 100 million global streams to date and charted his latest release, “Fall In Love,” on the Billboard Hot 100. Born and raised in the small town of Louisville, IL, he grew up listening to hour after hour of country radio on long hauls across state lines with his father, who owned a trucking business. Back at home his mom instilled in him a life-long appreciation for the power chords and edgy vocals of 80’s hair rock. From long hours on the gas pipeline, to late nights of backbreaking roadwork, Zimmerman embodies the old school American values of hard work and dependability and applies the same steadfast mentality to his music. Through his plainspoken charm, contagious enthusiasm and genuine portrayal of life on the back roads, the up-and-comer has already attracted a loyal and passionate fan base. With more new music on the horizon, featuring the grit and gravel of his unmistakably Southern drawl, Zimmerman will continue to showcase the straightforward authenticity for which he is known and loved.

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16 Responses

  1. XxCozZzYXx says:

    Let’s go Bailey this is really good. Keep up with all the good music

  2. Colyn Scholebo says:

    Keep this up man your family is so freaking proud of you if you ever come back down towards home reach out man you’ve come so far and your gonna keeping going place. Love you musics man keep this up!

  3. s h e l b y says:


  4. Amanda Miller says:

    This song explains the situation I’m in right now. I’m in love with the new song, keep up the amazing music man!

  5. Logan McDonald says:

    Man Bailey just keeps coming out with music and it’s 🔥

  6. Silent Paww says:

    You never make a bad song! You’ve got some serious talent, dude. Keep it up! 👑

  7. mackenzie lakes says:

    Been screaming this since it came out💗 this song is everything I needed

  8. Tucker Trevino says:

    Definitely the best and my favorite song by you!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!🔥🔥

  9. DEREK_04 says:

    Thanks for dropping❤️ love your music

  10. Stryker says:

    Another fantastic song, keep dropping these bangers! 🔥🔥🔥

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