ball & stick

ball & stick

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65 Responses

  1. Spoppy Doggo says:

    He should do the history of Canada

    • Hayden Kirk says:

      I’ll do it
      •People arrive
      •Europeans arrive and spread sickness and colonies everywhere
      •England gets all the colonies
      •Canada gains it’s independence
      •Weed is legalized and now andjdjdbsbdjhdbddjdndbdidiuenwlqp

    • ησяα says:

      What’s Canada, it’s not real

    • Facti0n says:

      Khang Nguyen not dark compared to european countries

    • Ella Franta says:

      He said hes taking a break on history videos for a while probably bc theyre hard and make it seem like hes taking a break but hes actively always working but no one can tell

  2. Emily Harvey says:

    This just in: violence rates drop to 0%

  3. Read more says:

    It’s 3:00 AM and I should be doing sleepy sleep

  4. A Drum Tsukumogami says:

    He’s goin STICKO Mode

  5. Theo Steele says:

    OKAY SO WHAT IM GETTING IS THIS: the ball is in an abusive relationship with the stick, and therefore feels lonely and unloved (hence the lonely road). It gets so bad the ball turns to strong hallucinogens to make the “troubles float away”. Unfortunately, the ball gets too deep in (possibly dabbles in drug dealing or other illegal activity) and is sent to jail. The ball either then escapes or serves its time (hard to know) but comes out a shell of the ball it was before the entire ordeal. Through this video we see the impact of abuse on people (or… balls) and we are advised not to physically (and I assume mentally and emotionally also) abuse others, hence the message “voilence: don’t do it”. But that’s just my reading.

  6. James Is Here says:

    i went to cardboard jail once

    its called


  7. Arda Drawing says:

    bill wurtz is aesthetics with lyrics

  8. Octoshark19 says:

    that felt like a 10 minute experience

  9. Ryan Barrett says:

    *You can’t go in this castle.*
    I already did.
    *You can’t.*
    I already did.
    *You can not go into this castle.*
    Where is the castle?
    Am I already in it?


    *Go to jail.*

  10. R H says:

    This video was brought to you by the Violence Is Bad Association

  11. Reversal says:

    You know 2019’s going to be amazing when it starts with a Bill Wurtz video!

  12. Lucas M says:

    What the media doesn’t tell you: The ball was in an abusive relationship with the stick and decided to run away

  13. ᎳᎥᏁᏆᎾᏒᎥᎬ says:

    Was the lonely road the ball rolled down on the only road it had ever known?

  14. Empyriangaming says:

    The Castle part is wonderful

  15. Aquamelon! says:

    “Yes I think you can see the significance of this.”?

  16. Adam Giannaros says:

    is there a particular drug you take the you make these or is it just whatever you can get your hands on at the time?

  17. Kastyc says:

    Legend has it that the ball is still rolling

  18. JTsuits says:

    i would wade through 3 miles of shit and bend over for a doctor if it meant another
    history of the world video

  19. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who’s better?
    Bill Wurtz = Like
    Justin Bieber = Reply

  20. Who did you expect, Sportaflop? says:

    Real deep how when the owl gets stumped by the ball, he throws him in jail out of anger and confusion
    Or something idk

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