Ballin’ Out Of Control

Ballin’ Out Of Control

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20 Responses

  1. eden baker says:

    I love the node part

  2. Thamer Aldkeel says:

    Really !!!! 

  3. Dick butt says:

    Did anyone else notice the guy from “Real Gta” at 1:12?

  4. Joseph Moreno says:

    Reminds me of the bouncy balls in Gmod :3

  5. ProEntertainment says:

    Awesome video as always guys but may I ask was this Tobusucus 1:32 It
    defiantly looks and sounds like him :)

  6. Rickn'Roll says:

    something is telling me it’s a drone.

  7. IAMOLD says:

    omg i know this place….from gta V ;_;

  8. Annoying Villager says:

    I love the music and how the people go nuts trying to avoid the ball

  9. Joris Dietz says:

    Amazing use of the new GoPro (because I’m pretty sure you used one)!!

  10. TraENT says:

    +Jesse Pinkman yeah thats true!

  11. Joe Jane says:

    +Jim Gordan It really depends. Corridigital is better at effects but
    Freddiew when he was with Brandon were more entertaining.

  12. Matt Coin says:

    Awesome! Thumbs Up! (Y)

  13. Døøgl says:

    Passion Pit anyone?

  14. Weaponkid says:

    1:17 was the guy from the gta 5 video?

  15. Weiming161998 says:

    That took a lot of balls to make the video

  16. Stoked for Saturday says:

    amazing, brings back great memories of being a kid with these balls!

  17. Daniel Yoo says:

    Everyone’s over dramatic reaction was hilarious

  18. daniel rocha says:

    GTA real life easter egg 1:13

  19. Throne Butt says:

    I love your work, guys. You should really do a proper short film, maybe
    continue the awesomeness you set up with Link’s Shadow.

  20. LoWsDominios says:

    How the fuck does this channel have less views than other fucking crappy
    motherfucking shitty channels?

    I still trembling when I watch “PRISM” and all the stuff they create. They
    look more and more pro with the improvement of the experience and I think
    this channel deserve more views and respect.

    I follow them since they started and I am just glad to see them doing more
    and more projects. Keep the good work up!