Inflate balloons to defy gravity! Add balloons to increase your altitude.


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98 Responses

  1. Dynacreeper says:

    The movie “Up” but with Fortnite combined

  2. 10,000 Subscribers Without any Vids? says:

    *I feel like fortnite is slowly* Drifting *away from what the game used to be* 🀭🀭

    • Battle Royale says:

      10,000 Subscribers Without any Vids? It still br and stw

    • fUk BoI says:

      10,000 Subscribers Without any Vids? Back in season 1 and 2 was like PUBG. Just a ton walking and and hiding until you’re forced to fight. At least right now there is no dominant meta like double pump and spray. Well I think spray still lingers but it’s not as bad as season 5. Rn I think the game is ok but they need to chill with the updates maybe a new item every 2-3 weeks so players get a chance to get a feel of the current new items. Also I would like to see items added since season 5 to get vaulted like the ATK and rift to go just to simplify the game a bit.

  3. Ins4n3 Gaming says:

    Wow, Jetpacks 2.0

  4. Polquus says:

    Trash Item – like
    Good Item – comment

  5. Adrian Donoi says:

    Please Epic when will you add better looking default skins

  6. Lebby 1074 says:

    List of ways noobs can escape people with new items added by Fortnite

    1. Rifts
    2. Rift to go
    3. Grappler
    4. Ballons
    5. ATKs
    6. Glider re-deploy
    7. Shockwave grenades
    8. Quad-crasher
    9. Impulse grenade
    10. Shadow stones
    11. Shopping carts
    12. Launch pad
    13. Bouncers
    14. Chillers
    15. Craters

    Tell me if I missed anything and I’ll add it

    • One punch/Kirby fan 88 says:

      Rocket riding

    • elizabeth narcisse says:

      Dont forget the new added glider affect

    • NightbladeV1 says:

      Try shooting them instead of building all the time

    • fUk BoI says:

      Lebby 1074 only 2 actually ways they can run is with the rift to go and redeploy. The other ones take time to set up or doesn’t take you to far and the vehicles leave you vulnerable to a certain point. But you do have to keep in mind you can’t lose a 1v1 to mobility items in the cupel last circles because the play space is small to the point more than dose items become useless. Also what’s the point of thirsting a default πŸ˜‚.

    • Kristiano Birrnaldo says:

      Lebby 1074 if they can escape from you in a shopping cart then you need to work on your aim

  7. Mango Fruitydude says:

    Yes because when you’re running to a fort they will **only** shoot the balloons and then shoot you.

  8. Thunder Wolf says:

    Anyone else who dont play fortnite but still watching this

  9. 1 Abushaneb says:

    Fortnite is not Fortnite anymore

  10. IOS Gaming HQ says:

    I believe I can fly!
    I believe I can touch the sky

  11. bruce wolf says:

    Can u guys add zombies in playground

  12. MyLipsAreCrusty says:

    LMAO Fortnite is actually Running out of ideas xd WTH is that haahahaaaa

  13. Nick gaming says:

    You are adding the most stupid things in this already broken game

  14. iNeoni says:

    Epic games in a nutshell
    *_lets add more stuff to the game instead of fixing out current problems_*

    • TheSithCat says:

      Mr. Ducky Noob? Bitch, I have been since season 2. Oops, sorry for cussing, didnt mean to ruin your 6 year old innocence

    • Mr. Ducky says:

      TheSithCat ah no worries mate. I know you’re probably trash at this game no hard feelings. Calling me a kid and watching lazarbeam? Hahaha go away kid

    • TheSithCat says:

      Mr. Ducky Im not trash, i have 376 solo wins and 54 duos. (Because i don’t play duos.) Also, yeah, I watch lazarbeam, but im not a kid. Jsyk. My son uses the same account as me. Hes 11. Im a 34 year old grownass man so stfu

    • Mr. Ducky says:

      TheSithCat So you have a son and yet you brag about your wins like it actually matters? Yeah I’m going to doubt that kid. Also you wish you had a kid lmao. Toxic

    • TheSithCat says:

      Mr. Ducky I’m toxic? Wow. You fucking called me out for no reason calling me a noob because you have nothing better to do. And I didn’t brag about my wins. I said nothing but I like the new items. Then you called me a noob and I responded. Also, the lazarbeam comment, most kids don’t watch him as he curses a ton. Cool pic and username by the way. (No sarcasm or salt, I actually think it’s cool.) I play fortnite with my kid for quick bonding and fun times. Jesus, so annoying

  15. Matthew Russell says:

    Why get rid of dual pistols 😭 they were so fun

  16. YTBrothers says:

    This isn’t fortnite anymore the OG players now what I’m talking about

  17. beanheadmir says:

    Bring back double pump

    • Jimmy Guo says:

      Not for me because it’s op to noobs, imo (in my opinion)

    • Carlits555 Xd says:

      beanheadmir most op thing ever we don’t need that

    • Jimmy Guo says:

      +Carlits555 Xd Thank you, that’s why the double shotguns are removed.

    • TAP_ HART says:

      Did you mean: John Wick’s backup plan

    • UltSpiderBoy 21 says:

      Oh yeah! And when it comes back and you get killed by a player using double pumps, your obviously gonna rage and complain saying that double pumps should be removed, that is why it’s gone, I know pumps stinks because it doesn’t work sometimes, but you gotta get used to it bro. I liked the double pump, but when hey use it on me, it just gets annoying bro.

  18. Freezing Cold Cat says:

    Whoever made this idea

    Probably nothing happened to him

  19. X Realninjaz says:

    Weird that people are saying Epic is running out of ideas? One, Battle Royale is only a year old. Two, if they are running out of ideas why would they release new content on a 1 to 2 week basis? If anything, I think the new consistent content is a bit overwhelming to say the least. I just hope that with the success of this Battle Royale mode we will start to see more updates for Save The World that makes that better. Been playing since launch and it’s still just a broken mess… Please Epic, your founders need some love too!

    • EthernalFlow says:

      battle royale a year old? Its bee around the scene since atleast 2014… and realisticly, fortnite is running out of ideas… They are just remaking items that failed in the past cuz they cant think of new ones…

      (I dont fanboy this game… I played back in october/november/december 2017 and quit after that as the game already lost its charme and was getting too focused on unskilled plays.)

    • X Realninjaz says:

      +EthernalFlow What do you mean since 2014? I am talking about Fortnites battle royale, which release late 2017 (one year ago). And reusing failed items of the past? I would challenge you to name me one item besides the Crossbow that has been in Fortnite Battle Royale that has been put into season 6 as we speak.

      Shadow Stones are new, 6 shooter is fairly new (I say fairly because it COULD just be reworked revolver), these balloons are new.

      What I’m getting at is, you all complain so much about them getting lazy and are adding useless content and stuff… but at least you are getting content? Save the World barely even gets bug fixes when it’s literally game breaking until WEEKS. On top of that, it’s free to play. They don’t have to bring out new content as much as they do, they choose to. And yes, I do agree that some of the content they bring may not be the best, but regardless, it’s still nice enough for them to do it.

    • bobafett 889543 says:

      Can’t wait to get fallout 76

    • Cyzmical C says:

      I totally agree. And the people saying that their running out of ideas is the people that want the game dead.

    • X Realninjaz says:

      +Cyzmical C Exactly! Couldn’t have said it better myself

  20. DA O.G says:

    Let me just put this out before it gets out of hand


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