Baltimore Police Officer Resigns After Viral Video Shows Him Beating, Tackling Man

Baltimore Police Officer Resigns After Viral Video Shows Him Beating, Tackling Man

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84 Responses

  1. Levi C. says:

    He never would’ve done it if that guy was white.

    • charles berry says:

      I know you want so bad to seem righteous and knowledgeable, but you’re just a little boy who doesn’t understand.

    • Ray Johnson says:

      Thats, exactly what I’m saying!

    • Myballsitchsomethingfierce says:

      Wrong, explain that video of a tipsy white guy getting lit up by the cops while adjusting his pants after being commanded to crawl towards them. Whites remain the biggest target of cops.

    • Josh Strong says:

      charles berry understand what exactly lmao. Teach me pops

    • Rachel Hopper says:

      Levi C. Oh hell yeah he would’ve. I’m from BMore and a female & I’m white (Italian) – it’s happened to me – and I’ve seen the police beat the brakes off of plenty of white people out here – in BMore it’s far less about race and waaaaay more about the socioeconomic position of the citizens

  2. OmegaDreadz says:

    It’s psychological when you put on a suit your no longer human just an ideal of a force you represent

  3. Kingbutler84 says:

    Why is this black officer out of a job. When if he was white he would still have a job and be on paid vacation right now. Smh

    • Dalemieka Jeter says:

      Well guess what he’s not a white cop and this is what he gets for trying to impress them

    • William Dockery says:

      Kingbutler84 Hey dumbass the cop resigned. That mf should’ve been locked up beating on the public like that.

    • RSean says:

      Try to imagine yourself is Deshans place, then your ignorant stupid blind ass might understand why the cop needed to go. you freaking troll.

  4. c says:

    he probably thought he was gonna get that paid -vacation- suspension like the white cops lol.

  5. Kay X says:

    If he was white, he’d be on paid leave while they investigate. After enough time passed he’d be back on the force. Good thing he quit

    • Ron Miller says:

      steven gutierrez First of all, the topic is the system of Racism/ White Supremacy, so a white boy is always applicable to the conversation. Second of all, your last name isn’t eve. Well e in the US by the same people you’re defending.

    • Yvette Lee says:

      Kay X nope he’s not going to get it he was cooning but your skin not white so you don’t get paid leave devil

    • charles berry says:

      Lol you slow or something? You’re the reason racism is SO alive. Because YOU are the racist, a black man beat another black man and was able to resign without consequence. Stop being such a racist little pussy and grow some nuts, kid.

    • Kay X says:

      🤣🤣🤣 So triggered

    • deez nutz says:

      Kay X – so smart – how come you’re a broke loser in life?

  6. A says:

    Wow he didn’t even punch him once he punched him with force like a dozen times. Police officers be thinking they turn into god once they put on that damn uniform

  7. David J says:

    That’s going to be a yuuuuuge lawsuit. My man just hit the lottery.

  8. Mrs.MochaVixen Sanders says:

    How often are police officers drug tested?

  9. WHATS DA DEAL says:

    Blacc police showing off for the white cop smh.. there should be a law that stop cop under investigation to resign

    • Kicknowledge Smith says:

      stop it, he is abusing power, nothing more nothing less, stop blaming whites for his behavior!! get your mind off the plantation!! and take responsibility!! and how is charlamagne judging anyone!!??

    • Kicknowledge Smith says:

      All the cops were black, stop blaming whites, they were abusing power plain n simple, the black cops been doing this in the hood for decades!! pretty much every black movie showed this, boyz in the hood perfect example!!

    • i Versacington says:

      lol blame the white guy

    • InCaseOfEmergency EatAss says:

      Jesus even if it’s a black cop and black victim you gotta make it about race. Check yourself

  10. Bamm910 says:

    He wouldnt have did a white boy like that.

  11. Hautemomma1970 says:

    YO, I’m not just mad at Arthur’s ass, I’m mad at his partner too. HIs partner wasn’t even trying to step in! He’s an accessory & should also be sued! There is nothing in the world that would make me forgive this man. He is not a brotha! His black card was revoked & he is banned from any and all cookouts from here on out!

  12. StopItTv Channel says:

    Respect the people that pay their taxes so that you can get paid…Period ! A badge doesn’t give you the right to kill or cage fight a mf..ugh!!!

    • Sharing Lungs says:

      StopItTv Channel it’s a very tough job. Not excusing the excessive force but these men face the worse side of humanity. It’s absolutely appalling when you see how people mistreat police officers.

    • Amril A says:

      Police officers pay taxes, they do not get a tax free check Period.

    • ShanteRoxxane says:

      Amril A Yeah but their taxes come out or their SALARY, that’s paid by the people.

  13. Spencer Toe says:

    Not every black man is my brother and not every white man is my enemy

  14. ReD ReaVeR says:

    Having black cops doesn’t matter because the system is WHITE SUPREMACY! Negroes will show out for their masters!

    • Walter Slaughter says:

      You sound crazy

    • Kicknowledge Smith says:

      yup because no white cops resigned or were fired for their actions, stop it!! many cops abuse power, not just white cops!! in my hood black cops are always harassing, many of them deal drugs with the dealers!!

    • ReD ReaVeR says:

      Steelers Football Because if we don’t its called a crime.

      Who writes the law? Black people? Who do they specifically target? White People?

      Stop playing dumb!

    • ReD ReaVeR says:

      Walter Slaughter You sound willfully ignorant. 🙈🙉🙊👈thats you when harm is being done!

    • Walter Slaughter says:

      ReD ReaVeR black people don’t owe white people shit. White people do not have power over black people. Whites are not superior to blacks. Lose your victimhood mindset and your life will begin to improve. Some black people like you have mentally never left the plantation. You don’t realize that whites don’t have power over blacks anymore, and they never should have in the first place.

  15. Rex Scipio says:

    He is a c**n. Get him out of there. This cop was obviously unstable and the victim is about to get paid.

  16. Leon Tynes says:

    Abuse Of Power. Cooning For The White Man. Smh.

  17. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM says:

    FULL STORY ►►►

    • mick chappo says:

      Shut yo pretty ass up….

    • Boy Doll says:

      Sorry, I disagree with you on this one. I think this officer and his partner showed great restraint considering. If these were their race soldier counterparts this kid would have suffered a lot more. Would probably be dead even. This kids actions were very intimidating. plus he assaulted the cop which would have given him right to use deadly force. Instead, he went toe to toe. No weapons used. Went at him like Apollo Creed. Didn’t resist? LMAO Kid had no choice but to take that L, because he couldn’t fight back after talking all that ish. That cop beat the breaks off him. Look at the way his buddies were reacting. They never would have done this if white cops were involved. They had several things in their hands that could have been viewed as weapons and they were right on top of the cops. They are either very dumb in Baltimore or …well. So, before you go demonizing these “black” cops watch the other viral videos about how disrectful some of these young thugs in Baltimoren are with Black cops in their communities. Baiting them. Things they would never try with white cops.

    • Cheese Head says:

      Charlemagne wear eye liner and make up he gay asf d*** sucka

    • LILMARVIN17 says:

      I’m from Baltimore shit happen around DA corner from my house shit not game police hide behind dat badge rs

    • Tim Rogers says:

      Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM sooooooo what about white cops beating up black people ? Hahahahaha you stupid fucking faggot hypocrites. Your all niggers and hypocrites hahahahaha TRUMP 2020 NIGGA

  18. NatuRealistic87 VeryKinkyCurl says:

    A cop is a cop black or white. When you join the Police force (Pig Pen Union) your color is Blue

  19. Eli Walker says:

    This Man is ruining Baltimore name😠💯💯💯💯

  20. jeremy arroyo says:

    The media is making these cops jobs damn near impossible. Did u guys cover the cop who was killed with a rock to the head because he didn’t want to shoot the man and second guess himself. No it’s the same agenda pushed every time

    • C Boom says:

      jeremy arroyo because right now you sound like a conspiracy theorist, any video that shows cops being violent youll just say “thats what they want you to think!”. And any video of a cop being stupid and letting himself get beat youre gonna say is evidence cops generally just let people kill them. So please, provide way to test this that doesnt involve your stupid bias.

    • Jessica Brinson says:

      jeremy arroyo I failed to see how he was doing his job in this video. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but cops kill a hell of a lot more people than people kill cops. Do you know why that is the case? Because cops are legally allowed to inflict violence on citizens for any reason they can come up with. They are literally a government sanctioned gang that protects there own and brutalize others with no consequence most of the time. Pointing that out is hardly a conspiracy theory. You don’t have to hate cops to see a fundamental problem with the institution of law enforcement. The danger comes when people like you overlook stuff like this and try to validate it by talking about cops getting killed as well. Ask yourself why people don’t trust cops anymore. Did it ever occur to you that most people that don’t have to deal with police brutality and only see cops getting hurt, are just now being able to see how cops treat people that aren’t as fortunate? The world is finally waking up to something that has been in plain sight since the establishment of law enforcement which makes sense seeing as police forces were originally created to track down runaway slaves and return them to their master. They in a way,!still do the same task. They disproportionately seek out and put black men in prison for whatever reason be it fair or fabricated, where they are virtually a slave. People are now starting to hold cops accountable themselves because we know the system won’t. Long story short, when citizens start caring about the lives of other citizens that are killed by cops just as much as they care about cops that are killed, we will then start to make some actual progress with our messed up police system.

    • John Johnson says:

      jeremy arroyo facts it’s a disgrace the way these dead brainwashed zombies just follow and can’t think INDEPENDENT coherent thoughts

    • Ray Johnson says:

      stfu taco

    • eqsharp says:

      jeremy arroyo A cop gets PAID to risk his life. Don’t like it. Quit. A civilian doesn’t. See the difference.

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