Bam Margera Spent An Entire Year In Rehab – Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Ep #119

Bam Margera Spent An Entire Year In Rehab – Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Ep #119

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Bam Margera fills us in on what he’s been up to this past year!
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40 Responses

  1. Johnnie Guilbert says:

    Great conversation happy to see how stevo supports Bam so well through this.
    Wish Bam all the best.

  2. BabiiwiitchKele says:

    You can see the concern in steveos eyes. You can tell he’s heartbroken with the place Bam is in right now.

    • kylethestyle says:

      I don’t think he’s heartbroken, I think he’s proud of what Bam has accomplished so far and giving him sound advice how to continue on the straight and narrow.

    • Max Tirk says:

      Steve is just worrying for another human he loves who he considers family!!!

    • Casey says:

      @Ligma you thinking being rich solves everything sounds like something a “brokie” would say

    • madison says:

      @Ligma lol he literally has this problem because he’s rich. never not able to get ahold of drugs

  3. Nvlddmkm says:

    What concerns me is Bam says he doesn’t want to go back to drinking, says he understands it was toxic, etc. – which is good and all but you always hear that after rehabilitation – but, it’s when he talks about getting kicked out of rehab centers or Jackass, he doesn’t show any true remorse for his actions and defends it, almost brushing it off like it was no big deal or blames others. That is typically never a good sign.

    • Mark Cheverie says:

      I think he hasn’t been able to crawl away from his image he’s created. As the ringleader of CKY , VIVA LA BAM, and Jackass to an extent, he’s created a character and persona that’s constantly doing crazy shit with little to no remorse, and that has bleed into his personal life and relationships. The death of Ryan Dunn, the death of Don Vito, divorce from his wife, his substance abuse, his assault and verbal lashing towards staff and crew just further drove him away from doing what he loves to do. Getting sober sucks, staying sober sucks even more, occupying time and breaking habits, asking for forgiveness and apologizing isn’t easy, but neither is living with guilt and regrets. I hope he can find peace with himself and the ones around him.

    • Nasty_ _727_Savage says:

      Bam was still in the “addict state of mind” at the time of this interview. No accountability and the denial made this a tough watch. The guy isn’t ready to get sober yet. He’s jumping thru the hoops because he’s being forced to. The movie deal is over Bam and it was your own damn fault. Quit with the crying and tell us where do you think you’ll be in the next 5 years. It’s so disappointing watching an addict that’s going thru the steps, but won’t commit. I’ve been there and done that. I know people just like him and it’s hard to be around. It was hard to watch Steve-O approach this interview like it was almost an intervention, instead of, chatting with an old friend type vibe. I think Steve-O had to put up his own kind of wall because he’s so personally invested in the guy. I have so much respect for Steve-O. He went thru the ringer and then committed himself to the program. He knows, as well as I do, you can’t save everyone. It’s up to the addict and I see no signs from Bam that he wants change. Going back to Cali isn’t the best move. I hope this story doesn’t have an ending that proves all the stats for recovery are accurate.

    • kix4trix says:

      @Nvlddmkm will steveo is not cool and only cares about money and selling merch, so he’s not helping. Just be normal and stop talking about how much you’re worried about him. That podcast was all Steve o and no bam

    • kix4trix says:

      @K Sakamoto yea because Steve o was such a bummer and made sober life seem so ridged. He was like “why would I want to become that?

    • Jen C Good says:

      So what? He’s a grown ass man. Sad? Of course. But he’s A GROWN ASS MAN. Oh my God stop the presses this celeb isn’t acting the way I think he should. Half the people in this comment section are f*cking insane.

  4. Alex Mackey says:

    You did a great job with this, O. Bam sounds like he’s still not quite ready to take full responsibility, but he also seems like he’s come a long way and made a lot of progress. I’m wishing him the best.

  5. James Nunyabiz says:

    You can tell that Steve-O is walking on eggshells through the whole interview. I hope Bam gets better!

    • CTMT13 says:

      @GrowingDownUnder You’re not getting it. Just because Bam’s body is physically present at rehab doesn’t mean he’s actually working at his sobriety and taking it seriously. It’s a 2 way street, the rehab helps Bam if he wants it but Bam has to do his part. I have no idea how you can watch this interview and get the impression that Bam takes sobriety or anything seriously. He still has all the same addict behaviors/tendencies (everything is always someone else’s fault, the world screwed me, I’m in this rehab with these loser roommates and I’m too delusional to realize I’m just as big of a loser as they are)

    • GrowingDownUnder says:

      @Logan May rehab doesn’t equal help, bruh that’s one of the dumbest things i’ve heard. Rehab literally only exists to help people and you can look at bams full history of things he’s done to get help including seeing therapists and going to rehab, going to alcoholics anonymous AA meetings and bunch of other stuff. For years upon years now and guys like you still repeat the same nonsense downplaying anything bam has actually done which then invalidates all the hard work he’s put into getting sober

    • Logan May says:

      @GrowingDownUnder Bam has not been getting help. It’s obvious from listening him talk to Stevo that no actually solution has been presented to him. Rehab doesn’t equal help.

    • GrowingDownUnder says:

      @Logan May bam has done a lot to get help, it’s just people telling bam he needs help that don’t even know how many times he’s been in rehab and tried to get help. He’s done a lot for help. People need to listen to Bam’s perspective when he says rehab was becoming worse for him mentally because they were pumping him full of prescription medication that made him suicidal and feel like sh t and that environment was not good for his mental health when bam’s mental health is the best when he’s outside skating and with his family not drinking but skating and having fun

  6. BYOT says:

    This is the exact interview I wanted to see. Thanks so much and great to see Bam in a more positive light. You can tell Steveo has genuine love for this man.

    • John Kolko says:

      @The Magical Boy I dont think alcohol is the root of his problems but it is a big part of it. I think Bam would have issues even if he was sober and he needs to get them fixed. Reminds me of the wrestler Scott Hall who went thru like 8 rehabs w no results. And they found out it was his trauma over killing someone (in slef-defense) that was the roots of his issues. He then recovered (w a few relapses). Sadly he passed away from the health issues caused by his lifestyle.

    • The Magical Boy says:

      In a positive light? Man he still seems like a mess. I can tell from all of his actions that he’s going to go straight back to drinking. He is NOT in a good place.

    • JetsKnicks98 says:

      He saying done and did is kind of scaring me. I don’t think he’s realized that he’s alcoholic for life and always has to work on it

  7. Shaun Kahler says:

    Dude it’s so crazy how good Steve-O is at this. He is EXCELLENT with this whole line of questioning, leading him down good roads, like he is doing what people who lead these programs do and he’s doing a GREAT job at it.

  8. SkateratDay15 says:

    Love this video and all of the support you have been putting forth for Bam. I am not a doctor by any means, and I know Bam is an addict and has depression/bipolar disorder. However, I can’t help but shake this feeling with over a decade of stunts and skateboarding that Bam has CTE. Seeing how many NFL players have it when they have to wear a helmet for their collisions it just makes to much sense. We have watched so many clips of Bam getting hit in the head, but I hope it’s not the case because CTE and suicide go hand in hand anymore.

  9. Idk Ro says:

    Thank you guys so much for this interview. I really needed this. As a current alcoholic, I applauded myself for quitting drugs and cigarettes. Telling yourself that its just alcohol is still self damaging. After this I’m taking a pledge to stay away from liquor and finally clean up. Thank you so much Steve-O and Bam!!!

  10. tfs202 says:

    I’ve seen ppl like him 1000s times. People that answer every question, with a generic phrase you learn in any 30day rehab. U can just tell, he is saying what Steve wants to hear, to avoid arguing. Sorry, but from seeing soooo many addicts and alcoholics survive, relapse, and even die, Bam is not ready to totally stop drinking.

    • Lord_NeKr0 says:

      Its called a program for a reason. You go in the program you to their way. For alot of people AA doesn’t work. Its like trying to program a toaster to be a microwave

    • Erik Orange says:

      OMG, everytime he said ” Yeah” agreeing with Steve-o… He’s not ready to stop yet, hope I’m wrong.. I’ve been there many times & doesn’t seem like he’s being genuine.

    • Kirsta Marie says:

      Yup….he thinks he’s fooling everyone but he’s really just fooling himself.

    • TheFadeBeta says:

      @The Goonie What really matters is how he feels about the rest of his life, it takes a long time to come around….he has to relearn everything so maybe he is a little defense but I really hope with time he will understand who and what he is and obtain a better more clear perspective.

    • The Goonie says:

      Truth and same here!!! I know Bam was feeling defensive, but like you said was just entertaining Steve to not add on to the drama and start an argument. Bam is clearly still stuck in his despair of addiction and celebrity status ego to where he doesn’t give a F about taking shit seriously and accepting help, plus Steve (which I get) was trying to keep the peace between all the Jackass guys especially Spike, Jeff and Johnny, but I know Bam is truly hurt and hates those guys and I think Steve should’ve just backed off a little bit of trying to defend them for Bam. I could kinda feel for Bams deep frustration and calling BS with things Steve was saying, but again.. I respect Bam for keeping his lid on the jar.

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