If you’re looking for a fun place to eat, go to Hirobun. It’s in a beautiful and peaceful area where the noodles flow in a long bamboo stick with clear and cold running water through it. But you have to be fast and on your guard for your noodles because they slide by pretty quick!

Then I thought I’d try out some cool Samurai food that was once eaten by actual Samurai’s. For Samurai’s to stay healthy and fit they ate a lot of vegetables, and I thought it was pretty good although I don’t really eat veggies. And to end my fun food day, I went to grab some Okonomu-Yaki. I have to say Manmaru No Tsuki served up some amazing foods here.

✧ Hirobun
✧ Shishin Samurai Restaurant
✧ Manmaru No Tsuki

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58 Responses

  1. A Drum Tsukumogami says:

    Yay, now pandas have other forms of bamboo!

  2. heyharty says:

    Japanese food just looks so unbelievably amazing!!! Not just the food but to have an experience as well, awesome!

  3. weeboo wannabe says:

    Noodles: weee!
    *gets eaten 3 seconds later*

  4. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    THIS HAS BEEN ON MY BUCKET LIST FOREVER!!!!! I feel so lucky to hear you describe it cause I couldnt even imagine the taste!

  5. Cademan Caden says:

    I could watch videos about Japan & restaurants in Japan all day (and I do!)

  6. Espee DJ says:

    Mikey unleashing his inner ninja to catch the noodles! ?

  7. lil lena lietz says:

    This bamboo noodle slide is too cool! So fun and relaxing at the same time! What an enjoyable experience I must say. It is good to see you’re doing great Mike! Keep these videos coming please.

  8. CQ Ling says:

    anyone else feel bad for the people eating beyond Mikey as they know their not gonna get as many noodles because he realistically will just eat everything that passes him.

  9. Ahoy Izzy! says:

    wow! the noodles sliding from the bamboo seems fun! ?

  10. solar sparkle says:

    ???I used your prices from the 7-11 Taiwan video for a project at school lol. And I got a 93%!!

  11. Andy Chen says:

    Just the preview makes me hungry.

  12. Millennial Travel Confessions says:

    Looks so delicious! Keep them coming Mikey! ?

  13. Joyce Lewis says:

    Love Somen noodles! Love all places you showed us! ?❤

  14. Supratik Sen says:

    Did Mikey just eat Broccoli in the Samuria Restaurant??? ??

    • Alan Ford says:

      He ate both a piece of broccoli (specifically, romanesco broccoli) and a piece of cauliflower.

      Also, Mikey, I don’t know who fed you raw cauliflower, but whoever it was, they were either pranking you or they don’t know CRAP about vegetables.

    • Scandi Snowgirl says:

      +Alan Ford romanceso is actually closer to cauliflower than broccoli

    • Alan Ford says:

      Possible, they’re all a part of the same species after all.

    • NamjoonieYoongi says:


    • Alan Ford says:

      My point is that cauliflower should be cooked before eating because, like most cruciferous plants, it can cause severe indigestion when eaten raw.

      Whether or not you like the taste of it is your own personal thing, and you won’t get any argument about it from me. Everyone’s tastebuds work differently, and nobody should be forced to eat anything they don’t enjoy.

  15. markus says:

    Keep eating those veggies! We need you to live for ever!

  16. Ishwar Sonawane says:

    50k subs away from 2M subs.lets do it guys??

  17. sivedan says:

    Very good episode today

  18. Evan Ward says:

    If you’re downstream of Mikey you’ll be hungry.

  19. Kurisu says:

    The waiters in the Samurai Restaurant spoke realy good english

  20. Sheila Blare says:

    Hi Mikey,, Simply this is my dream come true lol. I love noodles maybe a little to much ha ha?
    Any way its so good seeing you my friend. I hope all is well with you. So until your nect veido be safe and blessings to you Mikey. Much love ?
    Your friend. Sheila from Cleveland OH USA…….P.S. Yes you do need your cabbage .. Its good for you & cleanses your palate. And the mushrooms are look fab….oh lets be honest the whole meal is heaven sent. Omg i love food. ? and the beef I have no words oh my gosh.

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