bang ceo on “say yes to the dress??”

bang ceo on “say yes to the dress??”

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  1. Bruce Wayne says:

    how wholesome, a father walking his daughter down the aisle, then marrying his daughter.

  2. Cait Henry says:

    The sheer relief in her voice when the salesperson asked if she could kick out the husband, sweetheart that ain’t it

  3. Hey Jamie says:

    No, Danny. When the woman said she would be looking at the photos twenty years from now, it’s because she knew that by then Jack would be dead.

  4. Claire says:

    Seeing that they have a ton of kids and knowing she is more trapped than ever is really sad

    • Anastasia O says:

      @NickyNomads When the person your with is on the press all the time and you have kids and are known for being with him, you can be trapped. It puts a lot of pressure on someone to be with a person like that, especially when they are manipulative and years older than them.

    • Nottamouse says:

      @Dinanysos she’s actually 36 apparently lol her instagram even says she’s had 5 home births. also says “Chosen by God” …but doesn’t say for what 🤔

    • Cameryn says:

      @Nottamouse “chosen by God” is a phrase that refers to having a personal relationship with God

    • Listentoyourheart says:

      @Dinanysos this is a pretty old episode of say yes to the dress..

    • Jessi P says:

      @Dinanysos the episode aired several years ago and the pic of their family is more recent. So not as bad as it seems. Still bad, but not as bad.

  5. that’s classy says:

    “She absolutely loves this dress, so fiancé you gotta leave so you don’t force her to change her mind” that’s so sad. I know most everything on TV is over exaggerated, but yikes

  6. z says:

    Wow, it’s the hypocrisy for me; the fact that he’s making her cover up when he’s constantly surrounded by scantily clad women shows how little he respects them.

  7. LixaK says:

    Literally though say yes to the dress is all about empowering a woman to look the way SHE wants on her wedding day and fuck everyone else’s opinion and I respect the shit out of that

    • Helpless Heroine says:

      I’ve seen too many episodes where they just get the dress the parents want and not the one the bride wants :((

    • i wake up and boom im a rat says:

      honestly i wish it was more common just in general for brides to bring very few people to dress shops, sometimes it feels like a bride on say yes to the dress will bring the entire population of san marino to find a dress

  8. Cationna says:

    A man who constantly surrounds himself with bikini-clad models is EXACTLY the man to forbid his own gf, fiancee or wife to wear anything too revealing. You see, he judges all other men by his own standards, and categorised women into those that can be freely objectified and HIS PROPERTY that other men can’t get a chance to see too much of because it would harm HIM.

  9. frootloopdude says:

    I felt so bad for megan like your wedding is the most magical day of your life and her fiance is just making bad jokes and criticising her on the dress even though she looks so happy

  10. Aaliyah E says:

    It’s honestly so upsetting when she says that she doesn’t know what she likes, she just looks to Jack. I know from experience that this is exactly what happens when you’ve been in a controlling relationship for a while, you second guess your own likes and dislikes and even when you do know what you want, the fear of it being wrong in their eyes prevents you from making any decisions 🙁

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