Banksy Shows How He Rehearsed Art-Shredding Stunt After $1.4 Million Auction

Banksy Shows How He Rehearsed Art-Shredding Stunt After $1.4 Million Auction

It was the stunt that stunned the art world and the elusive artist behind it is now out to prove it really happened. Anonymous British artist Banksy made heads spin when his “Girl With Balloon” canvas shredded in front of a crowd after it sold at auction for $1.4 million, but many speculated about whether he was telling the truth, claiming the painting didn’t shred at all. Others believe the auction house was in on it.’s Mara Montalbano ( has more.

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78 Responses

  1. The Nintendo Kid says:

    Hey person going through the comments😂

  2. Lil, Charmander says:

    You evil genius!!! 😬

  3. ApisCraftZ says:

    Wait, was Banksy also in the room?

  4. Chuck Keough says:

    Do that to the Da Vinci that just recently sold for $500 million… See if the price goes up. Just stroll into a museum and start shredding their art… Tell them you’re making them worth more.

  5. JT williams says:

    Genius for shredding the painting in front of the Aristocrat 1%…lol

  6. the aussie says:

    Who wants to buy my stick figure drawing for $5 million

  7. Cademan Caden says:

    That woman on the lower left looks like she was Banksy’s helping hand 🙂

  8. how many subs can I get without making a video says:

    Yall know its going to be worth so much more now

  9. I love MARSHMELLOW says:

    I dont get why he did. That such beutiful peace of art

  10. G G says:

    You know you’re rich when you pay $1.4M for a torn-up painting instead of giving me a scholarship that could pay off my student loans, student debt, and the rest of my college, and still have enough to pay others’ tuition as well.

    • Prideoffreedom says:

      Why don’t you get a job after college and pay your own bills…….make a ton of money, buy yourself expensive stuff and listen to college students complain about your nice things that you bought……..

    • Nat says:

      You need to pay off your own debt

    • ms 13 says:

      Thats modern art for you

    • Diana A says:

      all these people calling you entitled for making a CORRECT statement that college is too expensive don’t understand education should NOT have to be a luxury only a few can have…
      Whine all you want college should be FREE

  11. HomeStuckGenji says:

    It will be more worth after this lol

    • Zachary Laid Finding Freedom says:

      HomeStuckGenji I demonstrated this in the video I made about banksy. Ripped a 100 bill. Wanna buy it off me for 200? Lolol

  12. Duy Zoro says:

    is it just me or does Banksy doesn’t know how to hold a soldering iron? 0:40

  13. Witch's Brew Sims says:

    I think Banksy is just a group of people, not just one person. That’s why their able to do all that they do

  14. Gurosama Bltch says:

    Looks cooler half shredded

  15. African Souflet says:

    He should try pressing the button again

  16. Sahil Mishra says:

    I still don’t get it why it was worth 1.4 million in the first place.

    • Vernon Jones Music says:

      Because _a e s t h e t i c s_

    • zombiekush760 says:

      Its not. Rich people buy it for a lot just to say its worth a lot, and then sell it for a lot because it sold for a lot.

    • Llama Cebu says:

      +Zeus Gaming amazing job? Kids do this in elementary school and guess what? …you don’t know them either, nut job

      We don’t know the guy probably because he is some pedophile 1% that is creating something more than just a girl and balloon but a creepy message

    • Llama Cebu says:

      +zombiekush760 she is chasing her heart

      Aka child trafficking

      Conspiracy of silence boys and girls. Watch it before they permanently remove it

    • Bassmint says:

      +Llama Cebu have you not seen some of his other stuff? Certainly not something kids in elementary school could do, this girl with balloon one is probably his simplest.

  17. Dr. Thomas Fister says:

    *Paints painting, 1.4 million please.* ok
    *Shreds painting, 5 million please.* ok

  18. BASStion says:

    It stopping half way made the price go up like 2 times

  19. lexy. lexy says:

    That pretty and all but not worth 1.4million

  20. Isaac Mendez says:

    How is no one talking about the girl in 0:21, how hasn’t she become a meme?

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