BANNED Things In The NBA

BANNED Things In The NBA

Illegal shoes, weird accessories, a celebration that almost KILLED somebody… These are things the NBA banned..

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20 Responses

  1. Tej Chohan says:

    Ah yes, Remember the time LeBron wore shoes with nails? He went off with 69 assists and 420 points. Good thing they banned those.

  2. Seunghee gvch says:

    “after only a few months of his balls being played with, problems arised”💀

  3. GDXDREE says:

    “only one month of these balls getting played with” 🤣😂😭

  4. isaac c says:

    imagine if draymond wore the shoes on the thumbnail in that kings series 😬

  5. 💰 Make $756 Per Day says:

    “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” —Motivation

  6. Kam7Kam says:

    Can you make a video of Steph Curry’s career?

  7. Shoe Boy says:

    it’s always a good day when hoopflix posts 💯

  8. Swat#2 BCW & Games says:

    Caption: “When your favorite NBA team loses, so you create a ‘Hoopfilx’ subscription for them to practice watching the championship from home.”

    Image: A basketball player sitting on a couch with a laptop displaying a mock “Hoopfilx” logo, surrounded by trophies and championship rings. The player wears a disappointed expression while holding a bowl of popcorn and a remote control

  9. Wintumm says:

    “Within only months of his balls being played with” -HoopFlix

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