Barack Obama Singing Hotline Bling by Drake

Barack Obama Singing Hotline Bling by Drake

The president is feeling down and stressed out. Call him on his cell phone 202-456-1111
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Dear fans of Baracksdubs:
Thank you for 1,000,000 subscribers.

3 years ago, after a tough first semester at UT doing pre-med, I was taking a shower, singing one of my favorite songs at the time. It was Cheers by Rihanna, and I had the sudden idea of making Obama sing it. I guess the best ideas do happen in the shower.

The video went viral in Brazil and inspired me to make another. And another… and another. Each one got bigger than the last, especially Obama Singing Call Me Maybe, still the most well-known video on the channel. And you guys haven’t gotten tired of the dubs.

Baracksdubs has filled my life with many great stories (people have grinded to Obama Singing Sexy and I Know It in the club in China; I have video evidence), and more of Obama’s face than even his biggest supporter could handle. And it’s been more than worth it to share some laughter with all of you.

I know some people are concerned that after Obama leaves office, this channel will disintegrate. But this channel is about more than just the president singing. It’s about remix. More on that in 2016.

To all 1 million of you, thank you for supporting what is now much more than just a shower idea. This is only the beginning.

Please, message on on Facebook if you have anything you want to tell me. I’ll be watching my inbox closely all week.

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20 Responses

  1. lays whyfe says:

    hahahaha i love his cut out head ahahaha!!

  2. leena k says:

    i wonder what obama thinks of this

  3. Breanna Tobias says:

    uuuuuggggghhhh typos

  4. Chris Sheppard says:

    This is borderline genius !!

  5. MadieIn Wonderland says:


  6. Julian Cheong says:

    ok how long does it take you to make on of these vids…. lol

  7. Tiffany Addison says:

    I was looking forward to something funny and I got this like wtf

  8. Max imilian says:

    This makes me understand the song’s lyrics better than the original. Thank

  9. rad glad says:


  10. TheSteelySiren says:

    how could you dislike this

  11. Alex Alexander says:

    How long does it take you to make these. It seems like it would take you
    forever to find these videos. Keep up the great work! I like those
    animations! You should do one every week for every new top song; if you

  12. Shahbaz Ahmed says:

    Hats off man! Great work! Please do a Adele’s Hello!! Its a request ?

  13. MSP Mint76 says:

    I love this!

  14. Jordan Drones says:

    A beautiful masterpiece.

  15. LadyeCatte C. says:

    Very well done. Respectful, but fun! I’d give you 50 thumbs up if I could!!

  16. caige wheeler says:

    What are you gonna do when Obama is outa office?

  17. Will Schiff says:

    How do you find the words in the lyrics? Do you watch all of Obama’s
    speeches to find the words?

  18. OtakuFangirl says:

    its Uptown Funk all over again

  19. The Bronze Sword says:


  20. Mississippi Roots says:

    ? way too much time on your hands bro