Barack Obama Singing Panda by Desiigner

Barack Obama Singing Panda by Desiigner

You’ll want to turn on subtitles for this one ?
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20 Responses

  1. Micah Gilbert says:

    it amazes me how he manages to find all the words.

  2. Thor saiki says:

    I saw this thumbnail in my Subscription bar and I started laughing lol

  3. Emmy_x X says:

    What happens to this channel next year ;-;

  4. YouTube Fangirl卌 says:

    hard work pays off

  5. Ignacio Loza says:

    sick good job??

  6. 507819white says:


  7. AndRootPro says:

    150k view yessss

  8. Dennis Geigelath says:

    song from metallica?

  9. HI Za-Quan says:

    Plz do safe Se and paychecks

  10. Rodo Estrad says:

    this is gonna blow up like my asshole after some bomb tacos

  11. Luigiman1089 says:

    do barack obama singing happy

  12. Talk About Good says:

    sooo good

  13. Ivan Kolanovic says:

    Y u no take beacon from well oops sorry wrong channel

  14. saxmast3r says:

    DonaldDubs… Hopefully not. :P

  15. Mark G. says:

    LMAO he actually said (or at least sounded like he said) “bitch nigga pull
    up your panty” xD

  16. Vinset J. says:

    this was very amusing seriously the best remix of panda out there!

  17. Βαλεντίνα Μι' says:

    do the “work-rihanna”

  18. kritonaras says:

    the best xaxaxaxaxaxa

  19. Lance Padilla says:

    I was expecting this to be bad but holy shit its lit!

  20. BRUSS LEE says:

    im 90% certain Obama himself subbed to your channel after this masterpiece