Barb Returns to “Stranger Things”

Barb Returns to “Stranger Things”

In an exclusive deleted scene from “Stranger Things,” Barb comes back from the Upside Down to confront Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven about leaving her there.

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Barb Returns to “Stranger Things”

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20 Responses

  1. Aiden “Palimpcestuous” Domino says:

    So… has he not seen Stranger Things…. at all? That’s not at all how
    Steve acts. That’s more like Tommy.

  2. Timothy Medic says:

    “It’s Barby Bitch!” (Brittney Spears voice)

  3. Andrew Ellis says:

    Here before 1k views… i know right, i’m pretty edgy

  4. Francisco Samuel says:

    Hold on… Is cursing next to kids supposed to be comedy? I get that they
    are probably used to it, but those “jokes” just seemed forced. :/

  5. Smooth says:

    I don’t think that any of the audience knew what stranger things was.

  6. poontang3zizo says:

    Who’s the dude playing Barb?

  7. jajceboy says:

    Probably only is funny if you have seen the show:(

  8. wakingup2010 says:

    Is nobody going to comment on the language used with these young people? Or
    is this regular vocabulary now?

  9. Meriana H says:

    I’ve never watched The Stranger Things so idk the references in this but
    those kids are adorable

  10. WKT says:

    This was amazing hahaha

  11. Hello says:

    Why does anyone care about barb? She did nothing except start crying that
    she was at a party

  12. Jo Biggle says:

    Who is this ugly mutha fucka, what happened Barb?! You changed!

  13. Bobby “CodeLyokoUniverse” Milly says:

    why isn’t she getting upset at Jim Hopper Or Will’s Mom

  14. Liam Templeton says:

    Always thought of Jimmy as more of a Jonathan Byers…

  15. CPD98 says:

    The actor who plays barbara is the same who plays that old parent in ew,
    right? What is his name?

  16. Setareh DB says:

    lmao poor millie they keep making her eat those eggos and she doesn’t even
    like them

  17. Cynical Films says:

    No.1 The kids never even seen barbra.
    No.2 They said that she just ran away and barbra was the only one who
    thought that the monster took her
    No.3 The cop and the mum/mom were the only people that seen her and they
    wouldn’t have a clue who she is (apart from the cop)

  18. danimation88 says:


  19. You'reInMySpot says:

    I feel so sorry for those kids for having to be on Jimmy Fallon’s show…

  20. Chad Sweeney says:

    Loved the show. Love Fallon. But this was just a waste. It really wasn’t
    funny at all.