Barbie vs. Bratz 2

Barbie vs. Bratz 2

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This week: we revisit the Barbie vs. Bratz rivalry for a rematch. Who will come out on top this time? I don’t know! Watch the video!







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comment “kelly more like smelly” if ur reading this


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39 Responses

  1. Hey there says:

    the bratz in paris plot went fucking crazy. one of the models was literally poisoning and kidnapping the others. no words

  2. khronicallydumbaf :D says:

    I feel like Kurtis is now obligated to watch and commentate on the Monster High movies. Gotta do all the doll related movies now

  3. Demi Sutra says:

    So the actual “lore” of the barbie movies is that they are all stories being told by Barbie, usually to her younger sister Kelly. This can be seen in the beginning of Barbie as Thumbalina and Barbie and the Diamond castle. So while the stories themselves are not connected and probably don’t take place in the same universe, the movies themselves are connected.

    • Xxyz Xxyz says:

      Some movies are her telling a story, others are her starring as an actress (like the three musketeers, a mermaid tale and probably also princess and the pauper) and the rest are about her ‘real’ life (like fashion fairytale, fairy secret and all the sisters movies). You can technically connect all the movies like that to form the BCU (Barbie Cinematic Universe™)

    • Blair Black says:

      Nope she’s an actor , it’s explained in one of the movies

    • Audrey Weston says:

      actually if you watch barbie fashion fairytale than it’s explained that barbie is an actor and most of the movies are movies she’s acting in. hence the names barbie IN the princess and the pauper or barbie AS rapunzel. she’s an actor starring in these movies

    • jovivianed says:

      barbie and the diamond castle went so hard tho

    • aj says:

      now this is interesting, wondering why wont they make a movie with all the lead

  4. Kat Davis says:

    While I think Preminger being severely bitchless was part of his motivation, I truly believe his main goal was to preform. “How could I refuse” slaps so immeasurably he just needed an excuse to put his whole Premussy into the theater.

  5. parasaurolofun says:

    I was more into Bratz than Barbies as a kid, but if we’re gonna compare live action movies, you might as well just let Barbie win lmao

  6. BB says:

    Bratz “generic pop music” honestly hit hard when I was a kid. Not to mention the cd Bratz rock angels released! Bops on bops for kids who weren’t into musical theatre lol

    • PrincessMultiracial says:

      Yeah I’m really annoyed that he dissed the music in the Bratz movie because Lauren Evans is the GOAT and she has amazing range. “This is how we do” isn’t really generic, it’s one of my favorite songs.

    • Hale says:

      The Bratz Rock Angelz soundtrack slaps. Nobody’s Girl is a personal favorite

    • Poppy Oxymoron says:

      The cd was so good!!

    • Noah Rugelsjøen Eidsli says:

      The song «so good» from The Rock Angelz album was on repeat DAILY on my pm3 player as a kid, holy shit that was such a good song back then I’m pretty sure that’s the song that awakened my emo kid faze

    • today was a good day says:

      Lets be honest we al enjoyed this video by having this :

  7. Leah Ferguson says:

    the bcu lore is really unpacked in the movies ‘a fashion fairytale’ and ‘fairy secret’ but you would have to catch up on all of the previous movies to appreciate that. + the fairytopia trilogy is a must.<4

  8. Ruby says:

    I was disapponted that Chloe’s whole foot doesn’t come off (as happens with Bratz dolls when you change their shoes), would’ve been hilarious.

  9. Jupiter says:

    You’ve missed out on all the iconic surrealism of the Barbie Diaries movies! Come on. “Please, she sounds like a deodorant.” Instant classic.

  10. Chloe Furnstahl says:

    I do not think I have ever laughed at video so hard when Kurtis said the lyrics and thought instead of “glide” it was “lie”. I haven’t seen these movies in so long but I could not breathe I was laughing so hard. You have to make another one Kurtis. These are too good.

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