Barbie vs. Bratz 3: LIVE ACTION

Barbie vs. Bratz 3: LIVE ACTION

Thank you to The Pokémon Company International for sponsoring today’s video! Click the link here to download Pokémon UNITE:






Toni Bryanne TV’s video “Everything Wrong with the Bratz Movie”:
harriyanna hook’s video “The Casting for Bratz is Trash and Here’s Why”
Pop Culture Detective’s Video “Born Sexy Yesterday”:

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comment “omg get over it already” ur reading this


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40 Responses

  1. @kurtisconner says:

    Thank you so much to The Pokémon Company International for sponsoring today’s video! Click the link here to download Pokémon UNITE:

  2. @TedNivison says:

    when i see a new kurtis upload i jump up and down and squeal like a little pig

  3. @teddy-xv1ti says:

    kurtis’s daddy issues being triggered by life size is way too relatable

  4. @sofiav7392 says:

    Her saying “you don’t sound deaf” is wild

    His quick “you don’t look ignorant but you can’t judge a book I guess” comeback was amazing.

    • @RealElongatedMuskrat says:

      would’ve been such a slam dunk if the actor was actually part of the deaf community and not a hearing guy playing a deaf part, but given the 2000s of it all I would’ve been more surprised if he actually was deaf 😅. Weirdly, even though “you don’t sound deaf” is absolutely a crazy thing to say, the vocal tones and enunciations that are characteristic of some deaf people’s speaking voice is actually called a deaf accent! Handy for anyone to know if they ever feel a bit unsure on how to go about mentioning that, because “deaf accent” is the actual name but it’s sort of like the name “little people” I guess – if you don’t know about the community’s preferred language and you earnestly don’t want to offend but you don’t know the wording to use, it could sound offensive in your head but that’s the actual name. lol.

    • @SamRK-1000 says:

      @@RealElongatedMuskratthat’s really interesting, thank you for sharing the proper way to talk about it! 😇

    • @aon02b says:

      As a disabled person, that comment was extremely accurate. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had people tell me I don’t look disabled. Even when I tell people I’m struggling, they’ll be like “doesn’t seem like you’re struggling to me”.
      Her saying “you don’t sound deaf” was for real the most realistic part of that entire movie

    • @dancoroian1 says:

      ​@@aon02bisn’t that the worst? Like…why tf would I put myself in the (wholly unenviable) position that I’m in as soon as I tell you about it, unless it were true? Invisible illness is real! Really wish more of us could learn to actually *listen* to people asking for help more often, rather than assuming you know more about somebody’s life than they themselves do…

    • @aon02b says:

      @@dancoroian1 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. @whatdoyousuppose says:

    Tyra giving Lindsay the “be quiet, Tiffany” speech killed meeee 😂

  6. @kaya5754 says:

    lindsay lohan practicing necromancy on tyra banks is truly iconic

  7. @evy1073 says:

    i actually really appreciate your coverage of the Deaf community and how important it is to have representation. I also appreciate the fact that you covered the fact that lip reading is not as easy as it tends to be portrayed in media. and yes, it would be better to have a Deaf actor to tell a more interesting story about Deaf identities. thank you

    • @Brandon-gu6vl says:

      Don’t care delete the app

    • @Ellifire says:

      I think he explained the importance really well. I definitely think it could have been a really good addition to the story if it was done well.

    • @monikabeachy778 says:

      As a deaf adult, I agree— I’m 25 and I can barely lip read despite being “taught” how to do so when I was in public school since my family was ashamed and didn’t want to send me to a residential deaf school despite living in MD so close to DC lol. It’s so important to get real representation because harmful misunderstandings cause conflict between hearing folks and deaf/hard of hearing folks.

    • @StercusAcciditMedia says:

      ​@@ville__ if ur content is so worth stealing how come you don’t have more money and views?

  8. @tamarag9975 says:

    As a Mexican I can confirm that a mariachi sings me awake and to sleep every day

  9. @GaaraFan01 says:

    using life sized as a replacement for Barbie is phenomenal 😭

  10. @braywalker8866 says:

    I’m soooo happy to see a review for Life Size. It’s been dismissed forever but especially since the craze of the new Barbie movie, like it simply never existed. Obviously Barbie is an iconic movie, but I was getting so disappointed to see Life Size not being mentioned. And there it was! This is why you are the Mayor. No cult classic is unnoticed.

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