Barbra Streisand Duets with Donald Trump

Barbra Streisand Duets with Donald Trump

Barbra Streisand joins Donald Trump to sing a duet of “Anything You Can Do.”

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Barbra Streisand Duets with Donald Trump

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20 Responses

  1. Quintin Medor says:

    It kinda looks like Jimmy put peanut butter on his face

  2. darko0913 says:

    I love old Bags, I mean Babs.

  3. Joe G says:

    Hillary for prison and Trump for President. The end.

  4. Priya Pitre says:

    What a Trump roast.. Trump should do a “Roast Myself Challenge”

  5. Aran hiwa says:

    Nevermind i will still Vote for the Mad Man !! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  6. nflhester3 says:

    this skit, and the brilliance of it, just earned jimmy a hallpass for 100
    more episodes of as much fake as laughing as he wants!

  7. What do I put here? says:

    Ah, the UK. Where I can sit back and laugh at all these Trump vs Clinton

  8. da96103 says:

    Sad that Barbra never married her first love, Hubble.

  9. Karen Hekla says:


  10. iLewisSC says:

    This made me lol

  11. ReadyOrNot says:

    Clinton is a racist

  12. gameblor says:

    When Fallon does Trump he comes off more like Dr. Evil.

  13. Cheryl Hock says:

    This was funny and awkward all at the same time…

  14. Mario Gmailaccount says:

    I used to be a streisand fan, but her politics and slander brought out her
    true colors. she is quite sickening actually. She also has the nerve to
    say, “thats if you can sing”. LOL! She sounds like she has stripped throat
    herself!! LOL!!

  15. Stargazers Nation™ says:

    Love it, ‘Any wall you can build i can build bigger, and i will get Mexico
    to pay for it’ Real hard laugh at that one and i hope he wins! Trump for
    President!! Can you see me now ma, Im Dancing in the whitehouse!

  16. Kayla Pettigrew says:

    Baaar-Boooo-Ra! Baaarr-Booo-Raaa!

  17. Jake Simmons says:

    trump 2016

  18. Sharon M says:

    her name is spelled weird.

  19. Tony tony slaughter says:

    Jimmy Fallon
    another liberal hollywood agenda no wonder you look like faggots

  20. Erika Escalona says:

    “I can built casinos and deport Latinos” hahaha that’s so mean ???