Barcelona 2-0 Leganés – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 6/16/2020

Barcelona 2-0 Leganés – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 6/16/2020

Barcelona returned to the Camp Nou against a Leganés who sought to earn some points to avoid relegation, and although the visitor started quite well, it was Ansu Fati who gave the Catalans the advantage during the first half. In the second half, Antoine Griezmann scored a goal but was ruled off by the VAR, and then decreed a penalty in favor of Lionel Messi, settled the match 2-0 in favor of the Blaugranas.

El Barcelona volvió al Camp Nou ante un Leganés que buscaba sumar puntos para evitar el descenso, y aunque el visitante empezó bastante bien, fue Ansu Fati quien le dio la ventaja a los culé y así terminó la primera parte. En el segundo tiempo, le anularon un gol por fuera de lugar a Antoine Griezmann, y luego decretaron un penal inexistente a favor de Lionel Messi, que anotó para el 2-0 definitivo.

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65 Responses

  1. Jake Cruz says:

    Forca barca 🔵🔴

  2. Muhammad Fusenig says:

    Now I have meaning in my life again.

  3. No Ravioli says:

    Messi’s legendary😭

  4. Lanre Aiyeola says:

    Even fouling him wouldn’t stop him from scoring. Another dribbling highlight

  5. IT코코치_ says:

    4:00 Messi body feinting, instantly following with a touch on the ball with his right foot is just beyond world class dribbling..😱

    • Yunus Prasetya says:

      @Not Bryan clearly the trick itself is simple. Anyone can do it all day when training with cones. During a pick up game is more difficult, but you’re still not under nearly as much pressure as you would be in a professional game, surrounded by 3 professional defenders. The body feint is like the roulette (zidane) and the cruyff turn. Simple skills that almost anyone can do after practicing for 15 minutes. But to apply it at the right moment with such precision and efficacy during a professional match, when you have to make decisions in a split second while under high pressure, that is what makes it impressive.

    • Angel Calderón says:

      @Not Bryan but i bet the defenders you were going against weren’t top class neither 🤣 shit I’ve done that many times too

    • Caleb Jennings says:

      Not Bryan It’s not the move itself that’s world class, it’s the fact that he can do it to professional defenders consistently

    • iGo0gIe says:

      Not Bryan you’re trash kid. Go to sleep

    • Lennon Messi says:

      Not Bryan he did it in laliga, and getting mauled.

  6. Aditya Mankare says:

    3:20 to 3:30 I can imagine Ray Hudson yelling like a maniac

  7. PS Dom says:

    Looking at Messi dribble and watching his hair flow plus no beard gives me so much nostalgia

  8. UnicornWizard28 says:

    Look at the minute Messi scored in

  9. Boniface Boakye says:

    I Just realized there are no fans . The sound made me forget, I thought there were spectators watching 😩😩😩😩

  10. Michael Peng says:

    Messi intensionally scoring at 69 minute

  11. Thiha Naung says:

    1:09 when your other team is also their biggest fan

  12. Schneed says:

    Messi clearly hasn’t changed

  13. JAGL 716 says:

    Thank god sports are back. I can see Leo live again.

  14. Benjamin von Werder says:

    3:46 Messi was like, get off peasant

  15. Roidar RMCF says:

    When I look at Barcelona I say how we still top of the league after this 2 worst game we had

  16. Cristhian Osorio says:

    1:07 from fútbol to football 😂

  17. Warriors Rule says:

    2:26 Suarez getting blessed by the Pope himself.

  18. Brian Wells says:

    Proven strategy to stop Messi: play rugby while he plays soccer.

  19. Khalid Al-Omary says:

    players social distance when entering the stadium but hug each other when they score 😂😂😂

  20. D Money says:

    He plays like he been training still while everyone been in quarantine 😭

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