Barcelona 3-0 Liverpool: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Barcelona 3-0 Liverpool: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Barcelona have one foot in the Champions League final after Lionel Messi struck twice in a 3-0 victory over Liverpool at the Not Camp.

Luis Suarez scored the opener against his former club in the first half, but Messi turned the game late on with the second, before scoring a glorious free kick—his 600th club goal for Barcelona.

The two sides meet in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final at Anfield on Tuesday, May 7th.

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89 Responses

  1. SmithsnMoz says:

    BARCELONA embarrasses every EPL team they play!! They’re by far the BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD!

    • unexplained says:

      +Malachi Gaines Liverpool did everything they could, but it wouldn’t work in the Camp Nou. Barcelona didn’t abuse liverpool, nor injure *anyone,* and Messi dominated the whole pitch in the lsat half hour I would say.

    • jelani Banfield says:

      Gbenga Benedict 3-0 last year

    • xL0stKIlah says:

      +SmithsnMoz ok fool. Barca got lucky and there is a high chance that if the game runs the same way liverpool will at least win at home.

    • SmithsnMoz says:

      +xL0stKIlah .. Lol.. SOUR GRAPES! Just shut up better bro..

    • Andy G says:

      +K4PP4 BLACK Liverpool was simply outclassed, Barcelona always plays smarter than EPL teams lol. They don’t even have to go full force.

  2. RGD MD says:

    Liverpool’s goalkeeper jumped as far and high as he could, but it was a dead corner.
    Great efforts by both teams.

  3. Ifeoma Abiandu says:

    Messi could have scored but, he decided to give the ball to Dembele. Wrong choice , but right thought. That what makes a team leader

    • Saul Juarez says:

      Victor Contreras simmer down it was a scuff ball yess but if could happen to anyone.

    • Anthony Perez says:

      that mo salah miss tho
      i think was worse cuz it woulda meant more

    • Black Heart says:

      Jj Rodriguez it’s not the first time dude, he has done it against 5 circling him and still made it. He did pick the right choice but dembele it’s never gonna be ready no matter what, waste of money if you ask me.

    • Kyle McGuiggan says:

      +Tyler Jelinek Unless it’s the World Cup. lmao

    • Deportivo Henry Construction says:

      Ifeoma Abian

  4. THEDRIPGOD says:

    watched the free kick live and i was in *shock*

    • shammR says:

      Same m8. I was at work and started choking up. Unreal

    • Michael Willer says:

      I sat back and thought “Shame it’s too far to shoot” and then spent the next 5 minutes with my jaw on the floor. Truly spectacular. He took one look and didn’t hesitate, just lasered it into the upper 90. I was floored and halfway between laughing and crying.

    • Adam Levin says:

      Alejandro Eslava I was think that it was too far to shoot

      Guess I was wrong

    • Christian Mendoza says:

      SAME. I literally said “eh he probably won’t score this, but at least we’re 2-0 up. And then boom, he scored and my jaw hit the floor for like 2 minutes straight.

    • Deportivo Henry Construction says:

      THEDRIPGOD the free kick was better because it was unexpected !

  5. 허규원 says:

    Look at Dembele.Messi dragged 3 defenders and gave it to him It was literally 1v1 with keeper

    • jelani Banfield says:

      Leo Elvir Hes barcas 3rd best player with 14 goals and 9 assist and 2nd top ucl scorer this season on the team I’m sure he’ll be fine

    • 허규원 says:

      Leo Elvir I understand but Messi is a world top class soccer player. He might be upset because of Dembele but I’m pretty sure that he won’t move his club because of some shitty opportunities that he missed

    • Mr RightNow says:

      +Leo Elvir I was furious about both dembele misses an Im not even a barca fan but yea he definitely looked nonchalant an didnt even seem to care he missed.. Messi was more heartbroken about it than he was

    • iGo0gIe says:

      To be fair he just came back from an injury, and he only had 3 minutes on the pitch. Can’t expect 2 goals when he only had 3 minutes to warm up & get his head in the game.

    • Jordy Calleja says:

      Dembele should have stayed on the bench

  6. Neym4r Lover says:

    Messi could have got a HATRICK but let dembele have a chance. So generous

  7. Iyin says:

    Liverpool actually played well, but Messi is Messi and there’s nothing we can do about it, nothing

    • Cat Face says:

      he lost the ball about 20 times and had 50% possession. only thing he did well was score a free kick. you’re the same kind of idiots that were saying messi is the best the past 3 years when ronaldo won champions league after champions league after champions league. literally lmao

    • Marco Peña says:

      +Cat Face How’s ronaldo doing now? Lmao

    • Marco Peña says:

      +The Rock It’s true retard, Argentina only depend on messi.

    • Terminus says:


    • avery fountain says:

      Roanldods better

  8. Huy Nguyen says:

    Not a fan of both, but Messi goal was a beauty.

  9. Joe Faith says:

    Ter Steven saved 3 goals for them so let’s give credit

    • Alan Garcia says:

      Joe Faith but credit doesn’t get you a result. Salah and Mane have no one to blame but themselves. Mane had a chance in the first half but he sent it flying over. Then salah misses the open goal.

    • Joe Faith says:

      +Alan Garcia Really, when he forced out Salah’s shot that didnt help keep the score at 1-0? Make no mistake he kept Barcelona ahead & frustrated liverpool without Ter Stegen it could have been 1-1 or 2-1. Best goalkeeper in the world!

    • Alan Garcia says:

      Oh yea for sure he’s the best. Ter Stegen did save Barcelona a lot. Love MATS… I remember before Bravo left, the rumors were that he was leaving instead. Thank god he didn’t. Anyways, yea MATS saved a lot but again mane missed a sitter and salah hit the post on an open goal after the goal line save by Rakitic

  10. LoserJ7 says:

    That free-kick by Messi was ? ? ?
    But Ter Stegen was definitely the MVP of the match.

  11. colomboro meloro says:

    Everyone is talking about Dembeles missed even with Barcelona winning 3-0 what about Salah ? How you think he feels missing that away goal? Guys we are lucky we didn’t conceded an away goal and should be happy, visca Barca!!??

    • Boca Jrs says:


    • Word Life says:

      You cant just ignore how nonchalant Dembele failed 2 golden opportunities. That extra goal would’ve made a great difference on this tie. For a player that’s supposed to be considered high quality or supposed world class, it’s just not acceptable.

    • Chewbacca says:

      But remember Sterling a couple years ago? Give him time he can gain composure in those moments to take the extra touch and place it by the keeper.

    • Willy Nino says:

      Nah I’m for sure Jodi alba was ganna take it out he was blocking

    • jelani Banfield says:

      Word Life I think Dembélés brain turned of when he passed to Messi assuming Messi would smash it, at the same time he is Barca’s 3rd best attacker 14 goals and 9 assist. He’ll be back next game

  12. Can We Get 169,000 Subscribers without a Video? says:

    *Liverpool fans went from we’ll never walk alone” to “leave us alone!”* ??

  13. eLVy The GodFather says:

    Maybe Hell End Up In 4th Place With His Recent Form ??‍♂️?

  14. Hilary Alexander says:

    Van dijk:I’m going to win ballon dor and champions league
    Messi: hold my beer

  15. Karim Hemdan says:

    Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Rakitic’s goal line save 4:08

  16. Ivan Garcia says:

    Such a crime Ter Stegan is not starting for Germany’s National Team.

    Visca Barca ❤

  17. Ron says:

    I would die to be next to neymar as he watched this game… ROTF LMAO

    • Reinhard Gayle says:

      Lol why?

    • TheTrackGuy says:

      Reinhard Gayle he means that Neymar would do that funny face again like he did with psg vs man utd as he sees Barca his old team go through making him regret leaving barca

  18. Azazel says:

    Who else saw Klopp giving a small laugh at Messi’s free kick goal on live tv

  19. Mr Kevin says:

    I still don’t understand why Germany prefers neuer over ter stegen.

    • Dung Tran says:

      Mr Kevin guess he got big kock

    • Word Life says:

      German FA politics. Neuer is a Bayern Munich player…if there is a toss up between a player who plays for Bayern and another who plays in a foreign league, that Bayern player will get the position.

    • Mark Hooker says:

      Maybe because Neuer plays club football with many of the same players, so they all have a shared understanding.

    • Jr Morales says:

      It’s also out of respect and trust. Neur has won everything and has been their number 1 for a long time. I’d pick prime Neur over Ter Stegen any day of the week. I thibk Neur understands now that his time has passed and is ready to pass down the torch.

    • Terminus says:

      HE’S ASS

  20. Christopher Susanto says:

    Messi did the entire group project and dembele forgets to turn it in

    • jelani Banfield says:

      But Dembélé started the attack, he passed to Messi thinking Messi would take it so when he got it back he panic and took a poor shot

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