Barcelona beats Real Sociedad in first game without Lionel Messi | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Barcelona beats Real Sociedad in first game without Lionel Messi | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Ronald Koeman’s Barcelona gets its first win of the post-Lionel Messi era, beating Real Sociedad 4-2 at the Camp Nou. Gerard Pique opens the scoring with a header from a Memphis Depay cross, while Martin Braithwaite adds two more for the host team. La Real nearly draws level with two goals in the second half, but Sergi Roberto closes the door with Barcelona’s fourth in second-half stoppage time.

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60 Responses

  1. DaVirgil says:

    Braithwaite genuinely made it seem like Barcelona’s attack didn’t need Messi.

  2. Soccerlegoblox Etc. says:

    The second we scored The 4th goal my relief was at 100 percent.

  3. Lion Bale 🦁 says:

    This defense will cost them Although their attacker’s are really good.

  4. Javier Cordova says:

    This game was exactly the same one as PSG’s game today, goal-wise and the comeback and everything. It’s so weird

  5. Anonymous says:

    what a motm performance by braithwaite. man has improved his game and we gotta give him props for that

  6. TangoBinAlsheed says:

    Braithwaite DESERVES Starts. He Works Hard & Delivers. 2 Goals, 1 Assist, Man of the Match.

  7. Just Mark says:

    The fact the pique scored made me so happy I remember when he gave me his jersey from United been a fan ever since

  8. Noah Velez says:

    Braithwaite looked determined since he walked out of the tunnel. You just knew that he was gonna score in this game.

  9. hyrum vazquez says:

    I love how humble Sergi Roberto is, he’s a real La Masia kid. He does what has to be done and doesn’t worry about the spotlight

    • JJosueA says:

      @I Don’t Make Videos the four captains are going to take the pay cut just stop hating and support the team and players idiot

    • Doug Ramsey says:

      @Jaun Mirza Have you watched barca much since 2015? No creativity? Have to be honest, tough to respect anyone who is dropping f-bombs on a world class athlete, let alone one who plays for your team.

    • AssyrianKing4ever says:

      He has been dead wood for the longest time. Last time he did anything useful was against PSG.

    • A Iniesta says:

      Everyone who scored today are some of the ones people want out

    • MrUnknownian says:

      @Jaun Mirza Roberto is a prodigy for barca one of the outputs of their academy. Dont hate on the guy

  10. Fresh Sodaa says:

    These barca fans need to start giving Braithwaite the respect he deserves!

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