Barcelona puts on a show in 4-2 win over Atletico Madrid | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Barcelona puts on a show in 4-2 win over Atletico Madrid | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Barcelona puts on a show in 4-2 win over Atletico Madrid | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC
Atletico Madrid took an early 1-0 lead from Yannick Carrasco, but Barcelona comes back with goals from Jordi Alba, Gavi, Ronald Araujo and Dani Alves to take the 4-1 lead. Luis Suarez pulls one back with a header, but it wasn’t enough as Barcelona takes the match 4-2.

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54 Responses

  1. Collin Shull says:

    Can’t remember the last time Barca won a match as big as this, great game

  2. LakeShow Highlights says:

    Adama on that right wing looks pretty amazing, if I were Xavi i would try in a match for 30 minutes a front 3 of Dembele, Auba, and Adama, talk about pace!

  3. Ariel Bautista says:

    My goodness! We haven’t seen Barca play this good in years! The plays, the teamwork, just everything! Scoring 4 on Oblak is no easy task, 1-2 passes, Wing crosses, the use of RB Alves, I mean my god can we talk about Alves? Assist, crosses, defending, SCORING. The whole team just played AMAZING! Very exciting

  4. Probably Stoned says:

    Once atletico madrid scored I thought it was over man. I thought they were going to park the bus but no I’m so glad Barca were able to score +3 goals against the champions of spain🔥❤️💙

  5. Frenkie De Goat says:

    Dani Alves truly is the best fullback of all time

  6. Clinch Knot says:

    I’m thrilled! Most entertaining win for us this season💙❤️

  7. Nahian Jehan says:

    Dani alves is literally benching dest at the age of 38 what a legend.

  8. Bravo Seis™© says:

    What a game.
    Such a needed win and it was by a lot that we won. Adam played extremely good for his first game for Barcelona already. Hope he plays better.

    • The Romanian Chad says:

      Dont forget abuayang he had great passes and runs and almost scored if it was for the foul! Barca is back baby i just know it

  9. Steven Rodriguez says:

    Adama brilliant debut! Auba came in when we had 11 and moments later 10. When he had the ball he was holding it and waiting for the team. Very smart play from Auba! Dani what a game very strong performance again! (Red can was fair he was late but still strong performance.) Torres still adapting but played a good Number 9 role and opened up and moved around which opened spaces for our midfield and defense to have bodies in the box. Excited for the rest of the season probably Barcelonas best game and Xavi’s also.

  10. Rixcer_ says:

    Ronaldo Aruajo, what a player. Clearly if he was English he would’ve been displayed as the best center back in the world.

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