Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

The last time these clubs faced off, Barcelona famously fell to Bayern 8-2. Now without Messi, Barca seek their vengeance in this match of the round.

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49 Responses

  1. Raul C says:

    Messi: “When I was crying during my farewell speech, it was tears of happiness that I didn’t have to feel humiliation by Bayern over and over.”

  2. Shadrach_21 says:

    Barcelona must be sick of the sight of Thomas muller 😂

  3. Syncratic says:

    When Lewandowski doesn’t score, that’s news. We expect him to score at least once in any match at this point.

  4. Kevin Kim says:

    jesus christ. Luuk De Jong? seriously? he doesn’t even run like wtf

  5. Rob T says:

    Bayern was so generous to Barcelona, they scored 3 goals only.

  6. Sam Almeida says:

    They really lost griezmann and messi for luke de jong😂

  7. Kaitane says:

    Great performance and well deserved win for Bayern. The fact that Barca had ZERO shots on target the whole match is mind boggling.

  8. Saw Chick says:

    When the previous match was so bad that losing 3-0 to the same opponent actually feels decent

    • Betobeenboomin says:

      @Kevin Necochea What you want me to lie and say Pique, Alba, L De Jong, Braithwaite, Rey Manaj are good enough to win the champions? I never said Koeman was good either. He’s gotta go too

    • HERMIIE says:

      @Adi Chatterjee It shouldn’t, this is still humiliating

    • TH3 MlLKM4N says:

      @I Don’t Make Videos I’m sure it was a tongue in cheek comment lighten up a bit… same way Barca had to lighten the load of their wage bill by gifting Messi to PSG. All jokes aside I feel for you guys, I really do, but we’ve all seen this collapse from a mile away. This is the consequence of your club’s actions and now they need to prove that their youth and new signings can put the work in or run the risk of absolutely folding like a chair this season (and I’ll definitely take no issue with that as a Madridista).

    • Joe says:

      That’s what all the Barca fans said trust me I know some personally “I was expecting more goals” 😂ok

    • hacoc21 says:

      It could of been more than 0:3, if only Bayern wanted to score. They knew they’ll win this one, so they started preparing for the next match. Barca is garbage now 🙁

  9. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    Musiala had a good game hopefully he stays at Munich till he’s 25

  10. D W says:

    Bayern is the epitome of a well oiled team. Everyone knows their role and executes. They will be scary this year in the CL

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