Barcelona vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: Extended Highlights | Quarter Final – 2nd Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

Barcelona vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: Extended Highlights | Quarter Final – 2nd Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

A 1-1 draw in Germany leads to a crucial return leg at the Nou Camp, as Barcelona look to build on their momentum as they host Eintracht Frankfurt.

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41 Responses

  1. Kaitane says:

    Incredible when you see teams like Frankfurt and Villarreal who are 9th and 7th in their respective leagues with recent poor form, but got massive results against the odds. Shows how ridiculous the “farmers leagues” comments are and how you can’t underestimate any team in the top 5 leagues. Congrats and great game from Frankfurt.

    • Bredbrain says:

      @Xemzevia Ligue 1 is the best Farmers league.

    • Xemzevia says:

      @Bredbrain Ligue 1 is a good league. If it’s a farmers league, what does that make all the other leagues ranked below it?

    • ToxxSick Lemons says:

      @East African Nomad dude yes ! I’ve been saying this football is evolving more. Its a Team sport and not a 1 man army anymore.

    • eMillion says:

      It shows how boring these tournaments become, nobody wants to watch villareal or eintracht, I’d rather see Barca vs. Bayern 4 times in a season…

  2. A random Guy says:

    As a Barca fan this was hard to watch. But kudos to Frankfurt. Especially Kostic who played great defense and attack. He scored the winning goal. I hope they make it to the final of the Europa league. VISCA BARÇA!

  3. Johnny Martinez says:

    Great game by Frankfurt. This one hurts. Super careless by Garcia at the beginning. Bad starting lineup by xavi. Bad decisions overall. Auba not finishing hurt us as well. Not taking anything away from Frankfurt they were better than us. Hopefully we come back in whatever tournament stronger for the next time.

    • Simon Garrett says:

      @Daniel Alvarado didn’t look like a penalty to me, but the replays were all a bit too late to show the whole thing

    • Joseph Garcia says:

      @rockisgood111 nah yall would cast him out overall since the beginning today was just bad overall auba and dem partner up great they are friends after all just today was horrible mainly the fans part

    • Tj Kim says:

      @Carlos Herrera he wasn’t blaming the loss on that. He was simply expressing his absolute disgust at said “Barca fans” for their deplorable behavior.

    • rockisgood111 says:

      Auba not finishing is the exact same shit he did at Arsenal. As an independent, I’m glad Arsenal got rid of him because he’s clearly a diva in the locker room and doesn’t generate the results to back it up. Sorry Barca but you guys got a bad deal here imo. He has moments of brilliance, don’t get me wrong. But his overall attitude isn’t one of strength and confidence. It seems like his ups and downs are based purely on his feelings that day. If you’re gonna be a superstar striker with lots of buzz about you, you gotta get your head right. Easier said than done, I admit. / End rant

  4. Cat says:

    Kamada is one very underrated CAM, the amout of key passes he had this game is amazing.

    • XOflyHigh says:

      I was at a store today and you cannot believe who I saw- It was PIGAY! I asked him what he was doing there and not at the Camp Nou and he said “Oh, I’m waiting for Pionel Pepsi! Fraudelona is finished, so Pepsi and I are going to chatter about my contract for the oil club PSG”

    • Ulisses Mendoza says:

      He’s such a good player he really is underrated but since he’s not European they won’t notice him what a shame but the Germans notice him

  5. Choon says:

    I am happy for Eintracht Frankfurt. They have impressed many times since the naughties, Dortmund’s financial crisis and Werder Bremen’s fall. This is the greatest moment on a much smaller budget than all of the clubs we are usually talking about across Europe.

  6. Edwin Morales says:

    Borre pointing to his number 19 as tribute to Colombian icon Freddy Rincon who sadly passed away. Great gesture.

    • Stephen Mason says:

      Thanks, I was wondering why he really didn’t seem to want his teammates around him when celebrating the goal.

    • Rohit Choudhary says:

      @SuperOOF boi that only happened cause Barca fans were posting negative comments about madrid after beating them 4-0, and unbeaten run went to their heads, now have this humble pie, well done Frankfurt.

    • Nesru Tikuye says:

      Thanks for explaining that. Appreciated.

    • EVO X says:

      🙏❤️19🇨🇴 R.I.P FREDDY RINCON

    • Cloak-And-Dagger says:

      I just threw my dinner table out the window. The guests I had over are crying and screaming. I’m literally shaking with rage and am about to grab my baseball bat and break literally everything I see. What a disgraceful performance. I am done with Banterlona and that fraud Pavi.

  7. Philip Salen says:

    Fantastic game by Eintracht Frankfurt, well deserved win away from home in Spain. I like what Xavi has done with Barcelona, but Eintracht was definitely the better team.

  8. Clinch Knot says:

    Can’t comprehend why Xavi didn’t start De Jong since the first half. Plus we should have learned from the previous game that German teams ain’t no joke

  9. legniak1 says:

    No secret Barca have a terrible defense, including in goal but Frankfurt took full advantage 👏🏻. That second goal was beautiful.

  10. Makaveli says:

    Man this year’s second leg quarter final matches are all legendary.

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